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    Business automation trends for 2022: hyper automation, decision intelligence, and new roles

    In recent years, business automation has become a strategic priority for the majority of SMBs and enterprises. Today, the need for automation continues to be a critical factor for maintaining a competitive advantage: at least 6 of 12 top technology trends for 2022 identified by Gartner refer to automation and business digitalization. 

    While workers and researchers are trying to find out the potential impact on the world’s workforce, business leaders and decision-makers are searching for new ways of process automation for their companies.  

    Business automation strategy

    A business automation strategy is essential for optimizing operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity. It involves identifying automation opportunities, selecting suitable tools, and implementing efficient workflows to drive growth and efficiency.

    Top trends to consider for your business automation strategy in 2022 

    We have collected information about the latest tech and business trends in automation for 2022 that will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your current strategy and improve it for sustainable business growth.  

    • Decision Intelligence
      Decision Intelligence helps to improve human decision-making with advanced analytics and recommendation mechanisms. Thanks to intelligent solutions, you can extract statistical data and generate actionable insights in real-time without the manual production of reports. This way, you can automate and enhance decision-making by adding smart technologies like AI, augmented analytics, simulations, and more.  
    • Hyper Automation
      Hyper automation includes the implementation of advanced technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Assistants, and others. By the way, the development of AI-driven automation solutions in 2022 will be also closely connected with semantic automation eliminating rule-based automation approach.Applying multiple hyper automation tools helps businesses to build end-to-end process automation systems providing accurate outcomes, reducing risks, and increasing your employees’ satisfaction. If you work with images and videos, a great solution to start using hyper automation can become Computer Vision. 
    • Composability 
      Gartner predicts that by 2022, around 70% of medium-sized and large organizations will prioritize composability in their strategies. Composability refers to packaged business capabilities (PBC) that allow you to easily modify and reuse software components in complex ecosystems. Using a composable enterprise business model can help you to improve agility and benefit more from the digital economy. Since composability helps to effectively respond and adapt to changes, it can also become a competitive advantage in the context of uncertain times. 
    • New roles involved
      The success of any transformation process should involve the right people in the right place. The adoption of new automation strategies leads to the emergence of new roles and increased responsibilities of the existing ones. CIO now addresses the mission of using the automation capabilities for the larger objectives and identifying where a company needs to modernize.Executives should also pay attention to establishing new positions in an organization such as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Subject Matter Expert (SME), and other roles that are critical for successful development and implementation of automation strategy. Gathering the right team of specialists working in close collaboration will enable effective business transformation and minimize risks.  
    • Automation Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for AI
      Teams working with the deployment of AI models often face the “last mile” problem: it can take from one to six months for AI specialists to implement a new model. Automation CoEs can make this process easier, faster, and more efficient. This way models can be implemented and improved in real-time with automated testing, data extraction, and monitoring. In 2022, experts expect that CoEs teams can fully cover AI deployment.  

    Keep in mind that the business automation trends are interrelated, so implementation of one can positively impact the adoption of other. This way you can build a healthy digital ecosystem aimed at the sustainability of your business and structured workflows. You should also remember that before you start the automation of your processes, you should understand their structure, goals, and outcomes clearly. 

    Contribute to sculpting change and acceleration of digital transformationrops

    Automation for growing organizations is no longer just an opportunity to consider, now it is a must-have for success. With the ever-evolving implementation of automation tools, companies will need experienced IT teams to provide expertise and quality services for the reliable maintenance of digital ecosystems.  

    If you are searching for IT professionals to support your long-term automation strategy, we can help you to create a step-by-step action plan of implementing software solutions aligned with your strategic goals without blowing your mind. 

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