Extended Reality Solutions

We breathe new life into your business by integrating groundbreaking XR capabilities.
Augmented RealityVirtual Reality, and Mixed Reality solutions address your strategic goals and make the most of your business potential.

Our team’s core expertise in Extended Reality, or XR, includes

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) completely immerses users in the virtual environment and allows them to interact with digital objects in the VR software using specific equipment, like VR headsets Meta Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR, etc.

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) mix in real-time digital content and the real world. AR and MR overlay virtual objects through the camera and allow to interact with them using various devices and headsets, like Meta Quest Pro, Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, etc.

And furthermore, we provide additional XR services:

2D arts and 3D models for VR, AR and MR software development, 360°-view photos and videos for VR;
enriching XR software development services by Computer Vision and other ML capabilities;
from an XR environment to Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms; and vice versa inside the XR;
real-time analysis of user’s behavior and interaction, monitoring of efficiency;
moving the apps into an XR environment, or from one to another XR device.

Being a VR, AR and MR apps development company,
we know how to extend reality in your business area:

Virtual Tours

The simulation of a location, object, art, and etc. with different types of presentation and interaction allowing users to explore it.

Value: Increasing brand awareness, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Real Case: VR visit to Slonim Synagogue

Marketing, Promo, Sales

Customers’ engagement across the globe with real-time presentations, virtual interaction with products, and entertainment capabilities.

Value: Upgrading market strategy and increasing market share.

Real Case: Wizart

Training & Education

Gaining knowledge or training a specific process through investigating it in virtual or augmented real environments.

Value: Better quality of education, increasing revenue and competition.

Real Case: Under NDA 🤫

Smart Assistance

Remote support and visual instructions creating a feeling of presence, e.g., for equipment check-ups, overlayed through devices with cameras and wearables, like smart glasses and headsets.

Value: A new level of interaction and enhanced communication.

Real Case: Under NDA 🤫

Games & Entertainment

Full or partial immersion in the game environment and interaction with 3D objects in the virtual world or overlayed in the reality by VR, AR, or MR game software.

Value: New promotion capabilities and enriched customer experience.

Real Case: Wow Dog


Well, naturally, we should note this virtual, constantly functioning network that allows users to interact with each other through avatars in Virtual Reality business solutions.

Value: Removing accessibility barriers and high level of market loyalty.

Real Case: Under NDA 🤫

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We design VR, AR and MR solutions creating
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We extend and transform your reality with a business-centered approach to VR, AR and MR software development to deliver valuable solutions for solving any kind of challenge.

Guiding you from identifying a specific problem and idea shaping to a complete tech solution, our team of experts helps you create valuable software to achieve your strategic business goals. If you have an idea for a project and want to extend a reality, fill free to share it in the form below.