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Media Streaming Software

We can provide you with the complete package for video and audio streaming that would enable you to broadcast live & on-demand media content.

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Apps areas

Media streaming and broadcasting platforms are used in many application areas: Sport Events (championships, online training); Cybersport (online games, hackathons); Online appointments (medical services, booking); Closed commercial streams (presenting demo, interviews); e-Learning (live lessons, online training); Blogging.

Challenges faced
Direct video connectivity;
Scalability, expanding the audience;
Streaming across multiple platforms;
Streaming from camera sources;
Channel security vulnerability;
Live interaction and instant feedback;
Social network video sharing;
High load and others.

Features your platform needs

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Adaptive bitrate and media quality

Streaming media quality according to the available speed of the internet and network capacity. Playing without interruptions.

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Video capturing and Playback capabilities

Convenient viewing live video, access to recorded video and browsing it by timeline, exact tags-based positioning, playing specific video fragments.

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Surround sound

Surround sound 5.1 or Dolby Atmos, sound with a Spatial effect.

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Live interaction
Online chat, likes, shares for communication with users.

VoIP telephony and Video conference functions.

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Built-in events scheduling

Online registration (choosing a specialist and a convenient date of appointment). Scheduling live meetings in calendars.

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Integration with CRM systems

Integration of a streaming platform with clients database, monitoring and analyzing participants of video & audio conferences.

Technologies used:
Encoding and Transcoding (264 codecs):

FFmpeg, H.264


AVPlayer, Adobe Player, HTML5 Video Player

Data transmitting:


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