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    Secret life of our QA team: hobbies, interests and their path to IT

    Quality Assurance is a metier that suits men and women regardless their age and hobbies. We continue to tell about our specialists and today we introduce you members of the female half of Exposit QA team.


    When Irina was a child, she considered different professions from veterinarian to archaeologist. But in contrast to children’s dreams the internship at Exposit led Irina to the profession of QA Engineer. Today she is a specialist with over 2 years experience in software testing of FinTech, Media Management and Telecom projects.

    Irina spends her free time doing sports or reading popular science literature. Recently she got interested in postcrossing. The main thing she likes about postcrossing is having informative souvenirs from all over the world – usually postcards and stamps are about local sights or events. Irina shares that her collection is not big so far, but she enjoys the opportunity to learn something special about people of different cultures and professions.

    On Irina’s opinion the ideal working day if full of interesting tasks without burning deadlines. Irina enjoys work of QA engineer thanks to:

    • Making a customer satisfied delivering him a quality product he expected. This way you feel you have made a great job.
    • QA skills in bug finding: when you found a well hidden bug, you feel proud of yourself.

    In the nearest future Irina is planning to advance and develop as a specialist achieving new goals.


    Olga could be a seller, an accountant or even a constructor but came to teaching. She was a teacher of mathematics and informatics when her friend told her about QA Engineering. After a quick guide about QA responsibilities, Olga decided to pass software testing courses and rid her husband of her teacher’s tone and voice. Today Olga has a strong expertise in manual testing of mobile, web and desktop applications.

    In addition to Quality Assurance Olga likes to play board games and spend time in open air with friends. She prefers leisure activities like skiing and snowboarding, kayaking, bicycle tours, yoga and pilates. Olga told us that every quarter she and her colleagues spend time together discussing interesting topics and just having fun. She has also noted that all members of the team are always ready to help with difficulties at work and in personal life.

    Olga describes her perfect day at work as a day when she has made everything for today and hasn’t been a drag. There are three things that inspire her in QA engineering:

    • It is cool to see how the released project you have tested succeeds in a particular industry.
    • QA Engineer has an opportunity to work with interesting skilled team of developers and project managers.
    • Meetings and team buildings with customers where you can discuss the ongoing project in details to understand the business logic and know each other better.

    Now Olga is planning to practice new testing approaches, methods and techniques that will give an opportunity to learn new skills and grow professionally.


    Being a child Marianna wanted to become a singer – a girl took singing lessons. At university she tried out marketing and business analysis, but found herself in software testing. She puts her summer holidays after the third year of university to good use and passed the internship at Exposit QA department. Since that time, software testing has become her beloved profession.

    Marianna’s hobbies vary from pole dance to cross stitch. Sport trainings at a gym can be also found in her personal schedule . Marianna also likes reading books and watching her favorite soap operas and TV series. She supports QA department’s tradition and every quarter goes for a dinner or a cup of tea with colleagues.

    A perfect working day for Marianna consists of several things:

    • great project with interesting tasks;
    • satisfaction with the work done without overloads;
    • positive and helpful colleagues;
    • activities provided by our HR department.

    Searching and finding unusual bugs and understanding that with every new finding you make a product more qualitative are two things that Marianna likes in software testing most of all.

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