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    4 ways to expand the audience of your software

    Software product, as well as business, needs growth and development: expanding of market share for getting more profit. Sometimes, it is hard to understand whether some actions toward software scaling are appropriate, what opportunities it provides, and whether they will drive the desired result? Here you’ll go into the matter and learn how to break through a ceiling and reach new fans of your brand.

    Product Enhancement By Software Integration

    Software Integration connects a few independent applications to work as one infrastructure, bringing them together by close domain. Also, it is possible to combine a few absolutely different software helpful for each other. For example, in the Fintech field, it could be Internet Banking App connected with a Loan and Deposit System; or it may be a map application joined with a taxi service.

    How does product scalability in software engineering work here? The expansion of the audience happens naturally after app integration when users explore new features from another product. One of our works is an integration of Monday, a service for collaborative work during the projects, with Miro dashboards: here, users can brainstorm together, create mindmaps, diagrams, and use other tools right in the task management system. This way, they get an improved experience, their loyalty increases, and a product has a broader market share.

    Streamlined Workflow Through Data Integration

    Data Integration combines data from different sources in one ecosystem with a unified structure and allows to manage and analyze it in one interface. As an example, Retail administrators interact with various types of data in their everyday routine: they get information about product inventory, sales, logistics, and other details from multiple channels and work with it in one place.

    This method of expanding the product audience can be non-obvious because it works with a foundation of a business process in a company. If all data is organized in an easy-to-access and seamless workflow, day-to-day tasks become more convenient and efficient because of reducing the amount of labor work.

    As a result, the company gets potential resources to service more customers or perform more tasks. The approach is relevant for the majority of areas: from the industrial sector, where operators should control a lot of equipment at the same time and need the complete picture of all processes; to healthcare, where a comprehensive view of patient health records has an impact of the care quality and further treatment.

    Advanced Capabilities With Innovations Implementation

    Implementation of innovative technologies makes a software product more attractive for users thanks to its interactiveness, visualization features, and elimination of uncomfortable routine processes. In Exposit, we provide the designing of scalable systems and implementation of transformational Computer Vision and Extended Reality Solutions.

    Computer Vision technologies analyze pictures and videos, extract data by Artificial Intelligence, and help to get valuable insights or model the desired outcome. One of our works, the Wizart app for creating interior designs, allows users to try on finishing materials through photos and even buy them right in the app. So, this opportunity gets differentiating factor from the competitors. It helps to gain a loyal audience and increase the number of sellers as the number of users, thanks to its advanced visualization, interactive, and purchasing options.

    Extended Reality, such as Virtual, Augmented, and Merged Reality Technologies, change the reality on different levels: from expanding to complete immersion in another world. It provides businesses with amazing opportunities to create a unique environment for a user. For example, we developed an AR Solution for the client’s marketing purposes. When a device’s camera holds up the product, its description and advertising character appear on the screen. This way, we provided a customer with a competitive advantage by adding an attractive for users interaction with a modern, novel technical solution.

    Major Software Updates With The External IT Team

    A competitive software product needs constant quality maintenance as well as enhancement of functionality to feel confident in the market and capture the interest of new customers. In-house IT teams are good at handling product support. Still, they can have difficulties with the development of new modules or experiment updates due to the lack of time, resources, or expertise.

    So, collaboration with a reliable, experienced IT partner provides a significant software scale by reducing the developers’ workload and implementing new useful and engaging audience features. As a bonus, if you make a partnership with a renowned IT company, it could be a good marketing ploy for improving the reputation on the market, increasing loyalty, and, therefore, the curiosity of potential customers to your company.

    In Exposit, we keep focus on our clients’ business goals and offer the best solutions tailored specially to their needs. If you’d like to scale your software product and share it with more people, we’ll help you do it by integrating new services, setting up a comfortable work environment, brand-new technologies, and upgrades. Stay in touch with us to be up to date with IT trends and open new opportunities for your software product development!