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    High-value features to implement into your healthcare software

    Today improvement of personal and medical care relies mostly on modern software development that should consider industry-specific needs and regulatory compliance.

    What features can bring more value to your Healthcare platform?

    • Workflow automation
      Automation can accelerate daily clinic management processes like maintaining documentation, scheduling, patient admission and others. It reduces human errors improving documentation accuracy as well as optimizes resources saving time for human-focused activities. Automated analysis can help in allocating medicine. For example, the arterio app provides an analysis of the app’s data that helps doctors to monitor the dynamics of a particular patient and timely prescribe appropriate medications. If you want to develop an app designed for personal care and health support, you can also consider automated push notifications. For example, the Meditation guide app reminds users of time when their body and mind need to recharge.
    • Security
      One of the most important requirements for Healthcare software systems is security. Your software product should protect private data stored in an app and provide your patients with secure communication channels. Consider implementing multi-factor authentication and automatic log-offs to decrease the level of data vulnerability. If you create a platform to use in hospitals or medical centers, you should put more attention to information security management certifications. For example, the health-record system MedSafe is Information security management certified (ISO 27001), Dutch information security management standard certified (NEN 7510) and also certified for Medical Devices (ISO 13485). It provides regulatory compliance and security of private medical data.
    • Reporting and analytics
      Comprehensive reporting functionality helps to automate data processing and analytics. Analytics will provide users with relevant information about their health and treatment progresses. For example, Physiapp is able to track everyday user’s activity and displays it in a nice graphical format. If you create an app for a medical facility, your choice will probably be the reports on finances, employees’ productivity and your patients’ health status. In this case, you can consider adding dashboards to have quick access to various types of custom reports including daily, monthly and quarterly reports.
    • Medical billing
      If you are running a private medical center, features like medical billing and financial dashboards are must-have for your Healthcare software product. A good idea will be to implement billing profiles with the most relevant ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) billing codes. It will provide you and your employees with detailed information on every transaction like date, amount, disease and a patient’s contact information. The use of billing profiles can also save time by simplifying data filling within a payment.
    • Compatibility and accessibility
      Compatibility with different mobile devices provides multi-platform access to app information and its features on smartphones, smart watches, fitness bracelets and other mobile devices. App’s ability to connect to wearable devices will allow users to record real-time measurements and send them directly to an app. It works well for mobile applications designed for personal care and health monitoring. For example, the arterio app can record blood pressure measurements from the connected device using the Bluetooth protocol.
    • Usability
      The target audience of Healthcare software products is very diverse and usually includes aged people and people with disabilities. It is important for your software product to be convenient for all users irrespective of their health status. Consider easy navigation, high-contrast elements and simple search. Keep the size of active elements pretty big and do not be afraid of using custom kerning and interline spacing settings.

    Around other useful features, you can find practice management, patient portal, admission carousel and others. All features can be customized depending on the needs and goals of the specific project.

    Exposit has extensive experience in the development of Healthcare solutions

    Exposit has extensive experience in the development of Healthcare solutions for medical providers and their patients. Depending on the purpose we can build Healthcare applications on various platforms using the latest technologies and development approaches.