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    Case studies: Medical Record System development for our dutch client

    Information technologies have changed approaches to habitual processes in the Healthcare industry. Today software solutions can cover administrative, financial and clinical needs of healthcare providers and their patients. If you require a solution that can gather and keep health-related data in one place accessible to patients and doctors, the best option will be to create a Medical Record system.

    Recently Exposit team has worked on a personal health record system for the dutch customer MedVision B.VMEDsafe is a web platform designed for doctors and their patients. It allows both parties to keep all health-related information (Insurance information, treatment directives, contacts, social history, problems, planned care activities, etc.) in one place. The admin role is also there.

    Exposit development team was responsible for Frontend and Backend development that included work on FHIR storage and authorization. We used Continuous Integration and Deployment in the software development process to optimize efficiency and achieve excellent quality. As a result, MEDsafeweb application has been developed. Our designers have been creating responsive UI to make interaction with product pleasant and understandable for users.

    A number of important features has been already implemented in the web application:

    • Authorization (including auth via Google and dutch DIGID);
    • Network management from the patients’ side (the user can add his family to the network);
    • Creation and management of Health Plans / Care Plans;
    • Creation and management of healthcare tasks;
    • Booking appointments with a doctor;
    • Creation, storing, fetching from hospitals medical measurements;
    • Push notifications;
    • Management of such measurements as Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, etc.

    The platform developed collects data from hospitals, pharmacies, GPS, from services like Google Fit, Apple healthkit, Strava and many others. It is an easy way of the direct information exchange between a doctor and a patient. MEDsafe keeps all the received data in one place and visualizes it in beautiful graphics form for user’s convenience.

    Another important aspect

    Another important aspect of any Healthcare software product is meeting Healthcare standards. MEDsafe is a safe and secure EHR and EMR application thanks to FHIR based storage and limited access to users data. The project is Information security management certified (ISO 27001), Dutch information security management standard certified (NEN 7510), MedMij certified and also certified for Medical Devices (ISO 13485).

    We are proud to share MEDsafe product and thank MedVision B.V. for the valuable experience of working on the Medical Record web system considering all the specifications of Healthcare software development.

    Healthcare solutions are designed for use in many areas including Medical Records, Wellness, Nutrition, Medical Education, Medical Finances, Medical Practice Management and Administration, Sport and others. If you need help with the development of your Healthcare software product, Exposit is always ready to provide you with a full range of IT services: from business analysis to system maintenance.