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    Why do you need a companion software solution for wireless medical devices?

    Bluetooth-enabled devices make Healthcare connected providing wireless communication between patients, doctors and technology. They are extremely popular in medical facilities thanks to low implementation costs, low energy consumption and high-security levels. How the development of companion software for your wireless devices can improve treatment processes and what extra bonuses can you get?

    • Convenient data tracking
      Monitoring software platforms can easily track inputs from wearable Bluetooth-enabled devices and transfer data to a host system. This way displaying and processing of measurements are not limited to the hardware and can be accessed with a smartphone, a tablet, computer or other smart mobile devices. For example, the arterio app allows users to record measurements from a connected device and monitor blood pressure using Bluetooth protocol.
    • Smart record keeping
      Software solution for your wireless devices can give you access to the most relevant information about patients’ health status without manual data filling and checking multiple wearables. It provides the accuracy of records for better problem-solving and decision-making. You can customize the system depending on the facility structure and implement filtering by device or measurement type to quickly and easily find up-to-date information related to a particular patient. Information can be displayed in a convenient visual form like graphs, charts or others.
    • Risk reduction
      Ability to get the most relevant measurement data in monitoring system real-time helps to minimize human errors and make more informed decisions for medical prescriptions. You can also implement push notifications that will alert your medical assistants and nurses about strange changes in vitals. This way you can improve patient care by accelerating response to critical events. Remember that wireless connection shouldn’t be used with high-risk devices needed for sustaining life.
    • Security
      Wireless devices together with a smart software solution will provide secure hospital communication thanks to Bluetooth best in class security for transferring data. It meets high-security standards and provides multiple levels of protection including encryption, authentication and authorization. As a bonus, remote access to valuable data provides protection not only for data itself but also for medical personnel by staving off infections.
    • Smarter equipment
      The development of a software solution that connects your devices can help you to start creating the Internet of Medical Things architecture where Bluetooth acts as a communication layer. IoMT system can automate processes and bring new forms of machine-to-machine and machine-to-human communication. It is a perfect solution that enables monitoring patients’ health status wherever they are and share this data using a secure connection. In case of emergency, the system can automatically send an alert to a doctor that provides quicker help.

    If you want to boost the efficiency of your Bluetooth-device network, Exposit can help you to develop a powerful eHealth solution for your medical facility or personal care. Contact us if you want to enhance the quality of care and focus on your patients rather than spend time on performing manual tasks.