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    Live audio streaming: simple and convenient way of audio delivery

    Audio media went an evolutionary path from vinyl and CDs to live audio streaming. Podcasts, Internet radio hosting, air live translations – all these things are available thanks to audio streaming technologies.

    What is audio streaming?

    Audio streaming allows to deliver audio signal (music, speech, etc.) to any compatible device over the Internet. It has solved the problem of compulsory file downloading bringing media to users immediately. Audio streaming is inextricably linked with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP helps to deliver voice communications over IP networks as Internet. With the help of codecs capable to encode or decode data stream, your device receives audio data.

    How audio stream is processed?

    Modern audio streaming software is feature packed for users’ satisfaction. Around features that make audio streaming software qualitative you can find surround sound, live interaction, silence detection and removal and other. Audio is often processed with the help of filters that separate different sound frequencies. It can be low-pass, high-pass and other filters that determine the character of given threshold.

    Audio media like live music performances, need effective real-time processing for adaptive filtering or professional digital recording systems. In this case to provide quality of delivered media, it should be defined according to available speed of the Internet and network capacity. This way playing will be without interruptions.

    Where audio streaming is used?

    Audio streaming is a new era of radio. It is simple, convenient and accessible. Audio streaming technology may improve activities within different industries, including:

    • Music
      Audio streaming has brought listening to a new level. Whether music sources are free or fee-based, they deliver quality music in a highly portable way. Today you can enjoy various streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. Audio streaming technologies make it possible to arrange air live music concerts and even virtual music festivals.
    • Education
      Audio streaming became a new successful practice in teaching and learning. It has given a higher level of engagement and improved synchronous e-learning. Audio streaming software helps both teachers and students communicate wherever they are. Universities and schools have opportunity to collaborate with foreign lecturers and professors. Training centers offer more and more distance courses.
    • Sport
      Despite the popularity of live video translations in the Sports and Cybersport spheres, live audio streaming is also on the rise. It allows to broadcast and comment games, matches and other sport events using mobile phone and Internet connection. Audio streaming may be helpful during personal workouts and meditations supervising its user.

    Technology of streaming audio helps to deliver information to users in convenient and effective way. Real time audio streaming often works in conjunction with video streaming. However these data streams are processed differently. Audio stream runs directly on the user’s audio device like dynamics, speakers and so on. Video stream comes in form of chunks of bytes – different quality (number of bytes) depending on the connection speed.

    Exposit is always ready to develop a suitable solution for your business to broadcast live & on-demand content across multiple platforms.