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Life Sciences and HealthCare Software

We develop human-centered HealthTech software solutions meeting administrative, financial and clinical needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

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Apps areas

Healthcare applications are designed for use in many areas including Medical Records, Wellness, Nutrition, Medical Education, Mental Health, Medical Finances, Diagnostics, Medical Practice Management and Administration, Sport, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine.

Challenges faced
Resource-intensive paperwork;
Care mobility and scalability;
Regulatory compliance;
Insufficient focus on patients;
Servicing people with disabilities;
Private data vulnerability;
Specific customization needs.

Features your platform needs

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Access control

Multi-factor authentication, automatic logs off, data encryption and decryption, recording hardware and software activities to provide security and control access to clinical data.

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Compliance with implementation standards

Preparing product for technical and security audit in compliance with HL7 FHIR, MedMij, DICOM healthcare standards.

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Workflow automation

Automated document flow, data filling and templates creation, online scheduling and integration with payment systems to save time and boost productivity.

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Data tracking and visualization

Collecting data from 1st class medical devices and displaying it in a graphic form. Tracking user's progress to visualize current status and simplify diagnostics or treatment.

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Communication tools

Design suitable for people with disabilities and video conferencing tools for telemedicine, online appointments, and easy communication.

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Compatibility with mobile devices

Support for smart watches, fitness bracelets and other devices for multi-platform access to app information and treatment progress. 

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HIS/RIS/PACS Integration

Integration with HIS, RIS, PACS for access to medical data across different information systems and imaging management within the healthcare delivery network.

Technologies used:

Swift, Objective-C


Kotlin, Android Java


React Native


JavaScript (Angular 1.x - 7, TypeScript)


Java (Spring, Hibernate, JPA, etc.), PHP (Symfony, Laravel)

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