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    What is the role of a DevOps Engineer in a software development project?

    DevOps culture is based on automation of all stages of software creation: from development and testing to deployment, release, and delivery to users. DevOps makes development processes more flexible and dynamic, maximizes the efficiency and security of operational processes, and increases user satisfaction.

    Who is a DevOps Engineer?

    DevOps engineers ensure stable work of your IT infrastructure, putting all parts of a project together using Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) principles and practices. It helps software teams deploy software changes seamlessly and reliably.

    DevOps Engineers usually combine the skills of software developers, testers, system administrators, and IT managers. It helps them to create a favorable environment for creating and supporting your software product.

    Thanks to the understanding of both the tech and business sides, a DevOps engineer builds an effective continuous delivery process that helps prevent system breakdowns and unplanned amendments.

    What is the  DevOps Engineer role in a software development project?

    DevOps Engineers connect Development, Operations, and QA, ensuring quality outcome and contributing to harmonious and effective interaction.

    DevOps Engineers should be involved in the software development process from the very beginning. This way, they can monitor performance testing, production status, security, version control, and updates, increasing the speed and quality of your project development.

    During the whole software development life cycle, DevOps Engineers are in close cooperation with software developers and testers. They provide continuous communication and assistance to achieve common goals and make a quality software product.

    At the initial stage of project development, DevOps Engineers analyze your business needs and requirements to optimize all processes of creating a software product from scratch.

    They consider what elements a product should contain to build successful infrastructure and can quickly implement new features for users. It is especially useful for Agile development with continuously changing requirements. By the way, you always can manage your updates because DevOps Engineers establish version control of your system.

    DevOps Engineers also monitor systems to check their performance, report any downtime, and study in detail its causes. They provide continuous feedback from the production reducing time to detect and fix errors.

    Why do companies need DevOps Engineers?

    There are 5 main reasons why you should involve a DevOps Engineer in your software development process:

    • Improved flexibility
      Software development needs are changing fast in our world. DevOps Engineers help you quickly respond to changes and implement new features addressing modern challenges.
    • Boosted operational effectiveness 
      The main goal of DevOps is to reduce software development time and speed up the release of updates making operational processes more dynamic and predictable and maximizing their efficiency and security.
    • Higher rate of revenue
      According to EMA, companies that use the DevOps strategy are 11 times more likely to see double-digit annual revenue growth.
    • Improved customer satisfaction 
      DevOps can help companies improve customer satisfaction. Improving customer service results in increased customer loyalty, retention, improved sales, and increased ROI.
    • Increased competitiveness 
      DevOps increases the software quality and reduces the release time for updates making your product more competitive. It also allows you to get timely feedback and make necessary improvements, according to the received data.

    DevOps engineers deliver value both for customers and development teams: they make the development process cost-effective and flexible while maintaining a high level of productivity and quality of code.

    DevOps helps increase the speed of a company to deliver applications and services. This allows companies to better serve their customers and compete more actively on the market.

    Exposit DevOps Engineers have vast experience in automating project development processes and providing a seamless development and deployment of complex software projects.

    Contact us if you want to increase the agility of your software development process and deliver quality competitive software solutions ready to address modern challenges.