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    Updates: Contractors

    Today we would like to describe our workflow for contractors in the current circumstances.


    Like so many other IT companies, we have encountered numerous difficulties due to the volatile global situation. Customers rejecting teams from countries involved in armed conflict and payment issues caused by SWIFT bans imposed on banks – these were the most dangerous potential threats for us.


    What way out did Exposit find in such dire times?

    ✔ We recalibrated our strategy for sourcing and hiring IT specialists, and aimed it at other regions: currently, we interview and make offers to those who have relocated to Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Poland, and other regions.


    The geographical spread of our contractors expands with each new day: we currently employ contractors from Georgia, Italy, Poland, and Estonia on our projects.


    Our application requirements are the same as before: 3+ years of commercial experience in tech, English level of B1 and up (for communication with customers) and Russian level of B2 and up (for communication within the team).


    ✔ We developed an offer for remote collaboration under a B2B contract. Now you can become an Exposit contractor via our European office in Gdansk, Poland. Our offer takes into account the interests of engineers who prefer to work as remote contractors, as well as those who would like a permanent staff position.


    Work under a В2В contract presupposes that the employee pays taxes on their own. Tax rates depend on the country of tax residence.


    ✔ Payments are done via a Polish bank, which allows us to minimize associated risks. The currency of the contractor’s remuneration depends on the currency of their bank account – U.S. Dollar, Euro, Polish Zloty, or another national currency.


    At this point, most of our customers continue working with us on the same conditions as before, with our relations handled by our European office. We have managed to preserve practically all the customers in our portfolio.


    Our main stack of technologies used in work with contractors includes: Java, .NET, PHP, iOS, Android, Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, and others.


    If you are in the market for a remote project, get in touch with our HR team to learn more about our offer.