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    What’s the better place for work?
    Work from an office, home, or a coworking space – each of these options has its pros and cons. We asked our colleagues where they achieve peak performance.



    Office work.
    Plenty of space, coffee machine, cozy bean-bag chairs, and games with colleagues.


    • Quick communication and easy socializing with colleagues;
    • You can quickly and easily discuss projects, tasks, and ideas;
    • Hanging out together after hours creates a friendly environment.


    • The commute to the office and back;
    • Limited flexibility of work hours.



    Work from home.

    Cat, kitchen, silence, and a blanket.


    • You set your own hours, so you can devote more time to your family, hobbies, and personal matters;
    • You can work comfortably without going outside.


    • No social interaction: you run the risk of losing touch with your colleagues and the company as a whole;
    • Chores, kids, and other household matters can distract you from work.



    Work in a coworking space.
    Stylish environment, new contacts and communities, selfies for the Insta)


    • You can be flexible when managing your time, and choose convenient work hours.
    • Communication with other professionals, access to new knowledge and expertise.
    • Comfort and convenience: workspaces, conference rooms, fast Internet, and a kitchen.


    • Extra expenses due to workspace rental and other services
    • Limited privacy: a coworking space has an open layout, which may affect your confidentiality.

    As you see, every pro can become a con in time, and there is no perfect workplace. That’s why we propose a hybrid scheme – use all the options!