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    Senior ML Engineer

    Senior ML Engineer

    Kirill is a great leader who always delivers high-quality solutions for our partners. He is the Head of the Machine Learning Department, and his role is to grow the ML division and its services in different locations. He works with various teams, such as Technology, Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Pre-Sales and Delivery, to create and implement effective strategies. Kirill has a keen interest in philosophy. Recently he started collecting watches. Also, his family has a small business producing interior mirrors.

    Kirill Lozovoi Kirill Lozovoi Head of Service Line

    We are looking for an experienced machine learning engineer with a focus on Computer Vision (CV) and a track record of successfully deploying models in cloud environments. You will be responsible for the development and optimization of ML models for our projects, including generative networks (diffusion models).


    • Proficiency in Python and experience with Jupyter/Colab. Knowledge of Scala is a plus.
    • Knowledge and experience with MLOps tools:
      – Versioning: DVC, MLflow.
      – Packaging/Release/Configuration: Kubernetes, Docker, Kubeflow, AWS SageMaker (at least one of these).
      – Monitoring: Datadog,
    • Experience with cloud services, preferably AWS. Experience deploying ML models in the cloud.
    • Experience with Computer Vision (CV) and generative networks (GANs).
    • English language proficiency at the B2 level.

    Nice to have:

    • Experience with NLP.
    • Knowledge of C++ and/or Rust for code optimization or creating optimized inference services.
    • Experience in model optimization for inference: quantization, use of Nvidia Triton, or other inference servers.


    • Building and optimizing the development and deployment process of ML models.
    • Implementing CI/CD using GitHub Actions, including model testing and validation.
    • Developing ETL pipelines on CI/CD and Airflow, including training pipelines.
    • Monitoring and analyzing key model metrics, using appropriate monitoring tools.

    We are looking for a candidate who can tackle challenges and work effectively on machine learning projects, with experience in Computer Vision. The candidate should have a strong understanding of ML project development processes and be willing to use modern tools to ensure the smooth operation of models.

    If you are ready to take on this challenge and have the necessary skills, we invite you to join our team as an experienced ML engineer!

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