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    We are evolving!

    Exposit’s overall experience and our wealth of Java knowledge, accumulated since 2012, help us create products that meet the needs of an ever-expanding range of clients.

     has been the throughline of the entire history of Exposit – from the company’s first project to our current operations, it’s been a dominant part of the solutions we provide.


    ✔ Our first field of expertise is PIM (Product Information Management) – a system for centralized management of large amounts of commodity data. The prime example is the renowned ОМN.


    ✔ By the time the iPhone 5s came out in 2013, we had prepared like never before. That was the year we formed our own mobile department and our first mobile project – “It’s on me”, which helped users select gift certificates.


    ✔ Since 2014 we have been actively dealing in Web development. Currently, our team of Web developers is capable of producing a wide range of Web solutions of varying difficulty levels and tech stacks. And to think that all of it started with just one project.


    ✔ Exposit’s first employees were Java developers who, when the project so required, easily transformed into Full Stack specialists. But over time, as projects became more sophisticated and global, it kept getting harder for one person to perform all roles. Thus, every field of expertise gradually got its own branch, and in 2015 our QA department was formed.


     In 2016 we transitioned from Redmine to Jira, which also gave us our first experience with Atlassian. We liked it so much that over the following couple of years we accumulated enough expertise to become Atlassian partners.


    ✔Since we love beauty as much as function, in 2017 we formed our UI/UX department. That was also the year we underwent a rebranding, and the company’s whole look was rejuvenated.


    ✔ Machine Learning is often called the most complex and promising area of Artificial Intelligence. Our company’s ML team was established in 2018, and our portfolio already includes a number of exciting projects, one of which is a product of our own. We analyzed urban traffic, demonstrated true statistics of retail store visits, monitored senior citizens’ health status to provide immediate aid, and collected stats for kids’ football coaches. In 2022 we continue developing our Computer Vision expertise.


    ✔ In 2018, while Banksy was busy shredding his “Girl with Balloon” (and that was after it was sold), our nascent Unity team was busy restoring the Slonim Synagogue. To realize the project, we chose the Unity engine with the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to achieve high graphical fidelity. Today, using a VR headset, you can transport yourself to the past and have a 15-minute walk in a 17th-century synagogue.


    ✔ 2020 was unique year for the Virtual Reality market, mainly due to the COVID pandemic (sitting at home on lockdown stimulated consumer interest in VR gadgets), and we got even more opportunities to grow our VR expertise.


    ✔ In 2021 we focused on expanding our process automation expertise with Camunda. It is an open-source platform for business process modeling. It is written in Java and utilizes Java as its development language. Camunda helps to drastically reduce costs of process automation and/or microservice orchestration.


    We don’t just use Camunda – we write its engine ourselves!


    What do you think will be EXPOSIT’s next field of expertise in 2023?