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    How does one become a Business Analyst?

    Perhaps there are some among our blog’s readers who would like to make a career change and transition to an adjacent field in IT.

    Are there such professions in IT? The answer is a definite yes, and there’s plenty of them.

    Today we get to know more about what a Business Analyst does, courtesy of our Senior BA Aliaksandra Askirka.

    She has already worked as a Business Analyst for several years, while simultaneously teaching at the IT Academy.

    Can one study Business Analysis on their own? Are there advantages to attending training courses?

    Both options are perfectly fine. Training courses are a good choice as they give you a chance to work with somebody who has actual experience and can give insight into how the theory works in practice. And of course, one should always keep in mind that all the knowledge you obtain will be worthless without using it in practice, so one should try to join an internship.


    As one of the Business Analyst’s duties is communication with customers, knowledge of English is of paramount importance. I’d say the candidate’s level should be no lower than B2, i.e., above average.


    Being a Business Analyst in IT is an absolutely unique job: it is definitely not about boredom and promises no easy life for those who choose it. The ability to ask questions and listen to your counterpart, to bear responsibility and make difficult decisions, proactivity and the pursuit of perfection – these are the qualities intrinsic to the job. They come in handy in daily life, too.