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Point of Sale Software

We create self-hosted PoS solutions combining e-commerce and management features to shorten customer transaction cycle and scale your business.

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PoS Software is reshaping shopping experience in various industries including Retail & Distribution (Groceries and markets, Clothing and Apparel, etc.), Travel & Hospitality (Restaurants, Hotels, Travel agencies, Housekeeping, Airlines, etc.), Education (Campus administration, Bookstores and Libraries, Athletic facility, etc.), Sports and Entertainment.

Challenges faced
Serving heavy flow of people, paying attention to every client;
Shortening customer transaction cycle;
Automation of integrated inventory and staff management;
Poor user experience of existing PoS solutions reducing number of purchases;
Hardware and peripheral devices compatibility;
Monitoring and analyzing customers’ tastes and needs, turnover and sales history;
Customer segmentation, targeting & accounting;
Multichannel sales management support;
Unstable behavior while connection is lost, inability to work offline;
Customization of the system meeting needs of business retailer;
Interface limitations.
Features your platform needs
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Ordering directly from the system

Advanced seller’s catalog search, order status tracking, ability to add extra notes to items while ordering, ability to choose time and place of delivery. 

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Payments support

Credit cards processing, online and offline transactions, multiple payments in single transaction. Integrated loyalty programs, selling gift cards with ability to redeem them on the Internet or in-store.

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Data tracking & Analytics

Implementing multi channel analytics, analyzing customer preferences and purchase history, ability to generate, save and edit different kinds of reports, view dashboards.

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Customer, inventory and staff management tools

Creation of customer profiles, tracking stock quantities in real-time, managing purchase orders, catalog view, staff check-in/check-out, 24/7 access to Help Center.

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Fully-featured offline mode

Automatic switch to offline mode in case of losing connection and vice versa, offline access to functionality without data loss, offline payments support, automatic backups and data synchronization.

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Dynamic hardware configuration

Compatibility with iOS and Android devices, Self-service kiosks, PoS terminals, card readers, cash drawers, printers and other peripheral devices.

Technologies used:

MVP architecture, Kotlin, RxJava 2, Retrofit, Room


UIKit, Alamofire, Kingfisher, Realm, RxSwift, SwiftLint, APNs, Unit Tests


React Native, Xamarin