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Gamification & Visualization

We provide complete in-house solutions with 3D visualization and gamification features for enhanced data understanding and user engagement.

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Effective virtual promotions and demo presentations matter for different businesses including Design, Architecture, eCommerce, Retail, eLearning, Construction and more. Increasing conversions becomes easier with 3D visualization and gamification features that create a new dimension for sales experiences and support your customers in the buying decision.

Challenges faced
Creating person-oriented learning program;
Consolidation of acquired skills and knowledge;
Demo presenting and proposals creation;
Interior renderings and virtual staging;
3D visualization on the web or in mobile (AR/VR);
Increasing and maintaining user engagement;
Increasing buying conversions;
Creating cross-platform solutions.

Features your platform needs

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3D visualization of objects

We enhance your product presentations, make learning process clear and easy-to-perceive thanks to 3D objects creation and visualization of your ideas in digital.

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Augmented reality mode

Selling process with AR features integration shortens customer transaction cycle as it visualizes 3D objects in reality and it is easier to make decision.

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Integration with internal systems

Gamified software can be integrated with internal systems for synchronous tracking of students’ or employees’ progress. Thus, all data is processed and analyzed jointly.

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Neural network training

Development of datasets and scripts changing 3D objects (wallpapers, interior items) and creating a randomly assembled room based on the position of the walls.

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Virtual reality

We build interactive 360-degree VR worlds that let users completely immerse themselves in the gameplay using VR glasses.

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Media streaming and broadcasting

Functionality for live streaming of courses, trainings, showing demo presentations, online meetings, instant feedback providing and more for real time collaboration.

Technologies used:
Game Engine:

Unity 3D, Game Maker Studio

Unity systems:

AssetBundles, ARFoundation, 
Particle System, Physics,
3D/2D animation and others

Augmented Reality Frameworks:

ARKit,  ARCore, Vuforia


Web (WebGL), Mobile (iOS, Android), PC

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