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E-commerce Software

We create dynamic E-commerce solutions considering specific needs of your business to provide personalized shopping experience.

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Apps areas

E-commerce applications are designed to simplify buying in such areas as Grocery, Restaurants, Markets, Fashion and Apparel, Design, Travel and Hospitality, Charity, Online Auctions, Education, Sports & Healthcare, Transportation, Carsharing, Agriculture and more.

Challenges faced
Quality service of entire customer flow;
Sales data gathering and analytics;
Private information vulnerability;
Slow order processing (poor performance, bad UI);
System disintegration;
Manual setting of user preferences;
Unstable work of application;
Lack of payment support.
Features your platform needs
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High level of usability

Customized responsive design with easy navigation and smart search with recommendations’ mechanism to help  your customers find definitely what they want.

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Cross platform accessibility

Integration with PoS systems, mobile devices, marketplaces integration, ability to enter stores via social media and global CDN for easy access to your services. 

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Marketing tracking tools

Gathering and processing sales data, real time monitoring, statistics, metrics and visualization for making effective marketing campaigns. 

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Management automation tools

Automation data flow and data filling, administration panel with dashboards, real-time inventory management to be informed about latest internal business updates.

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Geolocation and Maps integration

Automation currency selection and offline stores locations based on geographical position, tracking orders, ibeacons usage for convenient user’s navigation through online and offline shops.

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Customer service

Customer support, integrated loyalty programs and promotion systems, built-in chat and virtual assistants to stay connected with your customers.

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Integration with payment systems

Mobile wallets support, biometric authentication for one-step multi-currency checkout, encryption of payment information and transactions to make payments simple and secure.

Technologies used:

Vue, Angular, React




Magento, Symfony


Kotlin, Android Java