AI Development

Artificial Intelligence emulates human
cognitive functions and processes the data.
Using AI software development solutions, businesses enhance customer experience, increase operational performance, and gain
a powerful market strategy.

We design AI software development solutions processing any type of data

Image, Video Recognition of faces, objects, and actions in the image
and video; visual search technology.
Audio Recognition of voice commands and the dictated text, speaker identification, and music identification.
Text Categorization into topics, detection of the text purpose, emotional states, and language classification.
Tabular Data Analytics and prediction of trends (for example, customer churn risk identification); recommender systems.

This Artificial Intelligence technologies open
new opportunities for your business growth

Computer Vision enables software to identify objects in digital images, videos, and other visual inputs, interact with them, or get recommendations based on its analysis.

It can be used for:
– Virtual fitting rooms;
– Safety monitoring;
– Visual data digitalization.


Natural Language Processing allows to process text and spoken words, understand their meaning, intent, and sentiment, and give some response to them.

It can be used for:
– Spam detection;
– Machine translation;
– Virtual assistance.

Signal Processing

Signal Processing collects real-world signals from detectors and then processes and converts them into an accessible exploration form to gain valuable insights.

It can be used for:
– Speech recognition;
– Video compression;
– Weather forecasting.

Data Science

Data Science helps to process large amounts of information, find patterns, and extract meaningful information to make well-informed decisions.

It can be used for:
– Logistics optimization;
– Retail customer analytics;
– Recommendations.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning software development enables a computer to automatically improve data processing results using past data and get more accurate outcomes.

It can be used for:
– Traffic alerts;
– Dynamic pricing;
– Self-driving cars.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning mimics the human brain enabling systems to cluster data and make predictions with incredible accuracy.

It can be used for:
– Medical diagnosis;
– Text generation;
– Personalized chatbots.

Integrating AI solutions, you gain a significant competitive advantage

High operational efficiency

Software with Artificial Intelligence technologies helps to automate routine processes and free up time for more strategically important tasks. As a bonus, it allows reducing operational costs.

Improved decision-making

Using AI-driven software, you get unified, well-structured data and reduce the number of human errors while processing large amounts of statistical information. In outcome, you can make smarter decisions based on more accurate data.

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