Timetracker Plugin

JIRA plugin for automatic tracking of the working time in certain tasks.
Timetracker Plugin

Development of new functionality for the JIRA plugin, that allows its user to automatically track the working time in certain tasks. The plugin allows also to track a period or at once into several tasks. There is a timer above each task for manual time control. In addition, the plugin takes into account weekends, holidays / days transfers and provides the ability to edit / delete existing worklogs. There is a system of notifications for notifying users about automatic tracking and over-tracked time.


Development of new functionality for the existing plugin.



An online calendar for collaboration has been developed. Implemented functionality:

  • Display of days, weeks and months, with all transfers, holidays and days off taken into account;
  • Custom Date picker that displays tracked days (weekends and working days). The user can navigate them by days, weeks and months, depending on the selected display;
  • The ability to create worklogs by dragging along the timeline in 15-minute intervals;
  • The ability to change the date and time of the beginning of work within a single day, and ability to move day worklogs in weekly rundowns;
  • The ability to automatically hide the workloads of the user on the projects, where the work is already completed;
  • Ability to create / edit / delete / drag worklogs;
  • Worklogs less than 15 minutes are displayed as 15-minute;
  • While hovering the mouse on the worklog its contents is displayed;
  • Progress bar, that shows the fullness of the workplaces, for example, that the employee has worked 5 hours out of 8. Progress bar is implemented for both weeks and months.

Time tracking Plugin
Timetracker Plugin 3
Technologies used:
Atlassian SDK
jQuery UI
Active objects

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