Squad of Fortune

A casual mobile game in the form of a cartoon journey.
Squad of Fortune
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A casual game in the form of a cartoon journey where a user is a squad leader. The player's goal is to choose the right element from two proposed in every scene to help the squad stay alive. The further fate of game heroes and score directly depend on your fortune. Players can go through different difficulty levels and try their luck in various situations.


Development of a mobile Unity game from scratch.



Our Unity team took part in the development of a casual mobile game. We have created a game in which a player acts as a commander and helps his squad stay alive. The combination of simple rules and interesting cartoons does not require perseverance or special skills and makes the game available for a wide range of users. 

The Squad of Fortune game is based on luck: while watching a video the user is asked to make a choice of two elements that determine the further course of events. The correctness of the player's choice depends solely on intuition and fortune. In case of the right choice, the user receives a reward that creates excitement and helps motivate players to continue the game.

Squad of Fortune
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