Sleep Sound Recorder

Mobile application keeping track of the users’ sleep.
sleep sound recorder

An application for iPhone / iPod Touch for keeping track of the phases of sleep. The application records noises while people are sleeping to monitor the factors disturbing their sleep. By playing back the recordings, the user gets a clear idea of their sleep structure.


  • Easy statistics visualization in graphical form;
  • Sounds recording;
  • Sleep cycles monitoring and the right phase for awakening detecting;
  • 4 wake-up selection modes;
  • 20 special tunes of various music genres and sounds of nature;
  • The ability to share the statistics on Facebook, Twitter or via email.


The application should allow users to interact with each other, in other words, it should include social network functions so that users can share their observations, send notes and communicate with each other.



Our team has integrated social networks into the existing native iOS application, adding media components, and also has developed social network design and improved application functionality (in particular, media players). 

Technologies used:
HTML 5.0
CSS 3.0
Objective C

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