2D game designed for doing puzzles with unusual mechanics.
puzzle game unity

2D game designed for doing puzzles with unusual mechanics. The gameplay of this game differs from ordinary puzzles thanks to the ability to rotate puzzles, plus its own mechanics with connected blocks has been developed.


Creating a puzzle game from scratch based on Unity.



Our Unity developers have created a 2D puzzle game. During game development the direction of the game changed from 18+ to games with comics (you do puzzle and then you get a paid comics book page). The game UI was prepared according to the provided layouts. The core functionality with dynamic content loading was developed using AssetBundles to reduce the size of the source application. So pictures for puzzles are loaded into the application at the moment of opening the level.

Doing puzzles, players open more difficult levels. The game has restrictions on the number of actions (steps that a player can take to finish a puzzle). There are a set of tips and bonuses available (correct and additional moves are displayed).

Manual testing was also provided within the project.

unity game puzzles
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