Pet Care

Platform for management of documents relating to the state of animals.
petcare web app

Pet Care is a website containing information about pets. For each pet a Public Page is created, accessible instantaneously by reading a QR code. So, if a pet gets lost, anyone who finds it can read the QR code from the collar and get an access to the web page of this animal, which contains all the data, useful for first aid operations in the event of some confusion, accident, etc.

It is possible to use this platform in veterinary medicine too. The system allows the storage and management of data and health events of an animal. And veterinarians could use this data during the medical examination of the pets.


Development of a website that displays information about pets by reading the QR code.



The Exposit company was responsible for the website development.

Available functionality:

  • Ability to access the page of an animal via QR code;
  • Displaying of the pet's current location on the map;
  • Notifications of the current location of the animal;
  • Possibility to send personal messages to the owner;
  • Creation of a medical card with vaccinations and procedures.

Technologies used:
Spring MVC

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