Mentoring Platform

SaaS platform for exchange of skills, mentoring and solving complex problems.
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Corporate system aimed at establishing communication between employees. Functionally, it can be divided into three parts: the exchange of skills, mentoring and Board. In addition to using the system in the customer's company, in the long run the web application will be available to users as a SaaS-platform.

  1. Exchange of skills
    While registering in the application, users have to indicate their key skills, interests, experiences in any field that they can share, and also note what they would like to learn. Based on the received data, the system recommends users people with whom they could share knowledge. Instead of paying employees arrange a barter exchange of knowledge: one teaches another one skill, and another - the second.
  2. Mentoring
    Upon the arrival of new employees, corporate HR specialist assigns them a mentor who helps them to quickly adapt to the new team, to fully immerse themselves in the work process. In the system, the mentor sets goals, plans tasks for the reporting period, monitors the progress of the newcomer.
  3. Board
    This functional part is used in those cases when employees can't independently solve any problems. In this case, he publishes the task with tags, and users with relevant skills and experience receive notification.


Organization of the process and development of the turnkey solution from scratch. 



Our experts develop a web application from scratch (turnkey). In the long run the web application will be available to users as a SaaS-platform for the exchange of skills, mentoring and solving complex problems. Among the implemented functionality these features stand out:

  • Two-way integration with Outlook Online and its Desktop versions – meetings created in the application can be received in Outlook, and created in Outlook – in the application. In this case, requests / invitations to the meeting are synchronized with the calendar of the sender and the recipient; there is an opportunity to offer a different date, time of the meeting;
  • The notification system;
  • Internal messenger;
  • The mechanism of recommendations for the 1st functional part of the web application.
  • The main project's issue was a synchronization with Outlook API (shortcomings in the documentation, lack of support for simple Microsoft accounts in the main API version – had to use the beta version).

The work on the project is organized according to the Scrum methodology.

Technologies used:
Spring Boot
Microsoft Graph API
Angular 5

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