Social platform where Instagram people are paid to promote their favorite brands.
InstaRumor mobile app

A social marketing platform where people who are active on Instagram are paid to promote their favorite brands by posting photos with them. By creating a free account, the users will be able to browse all available campaigns, apply for campaigns which suit their style and get paid for posting original and engaging pictures of brands on Instagram. 

The Instagram users should have more than 200 followers and satisfy the campaign requirements to get paid for their posts. They can choose the brands and products which they want to promote and don’t have to participate in other campaigns.


There was no possibility to sign up and log in from mobile devices into the existing system, written using Wordpress, as well as there being no integration with Instagram accounts.



To develop a prototype of social platform mobile application using Swift 3.0 for the registration, authorization and the Instagram accounts integration functions implementation; to develop an API for this mobile application, which allows users to sign up and log in from their mobile devices.

As part of the demo version, the app has three functions:

  • New account creation;
  • Existing user authorization in the platform;
  • User's Instagram-profile connection.

The application module on Wordpress platform extension, and Wordpress as a REST-service usage were among the challenges our developers have dealt with.

Technologies used:
Swift 3.0
Instagram KIT

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