Grains Mobile Analyzer

Mobile application for testing the effectiveness of photo-separators' settings.
Grains Mobile Analyzer

Mobile application that helps to test the effectiveness of photo-separators' settings. Functionality allows to identify bad and good grains from a photo, and then to sort the grain according to data received. A brief working process using the application:

  • Operator takes pictures of refined grains and unsuitable items;
  • Operator drops the grain in photo separator and machine sorts the grain;
  • Operator takes a picture of the sorted grain and mobile app sends this photo to the server;
  • Artificial intelligence determines the number of good and bad grains;
  • Based on the received percentage of unusable elements in the sorted grain, the operator understands how well the photo separator is set up and what settings need to be changed.


  • Develop a prototype of a mobile application for Android;
  • Prepare a draft specification for the development of a mobile application and its Backend part (the grain recognition system was not requested, it was planned to be developed from the customer's side);
  • Prepare mockups for a full-featured application;
  • Prepare a description of the Backend architecture.



We have developed a prototype of an Android application that can take photos with various camera settings. The application can save images in uncompressed formats. The main feature of the project is working with the Android Camera 2 API.

Technologies used:
Android Camera 2 API

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