DOCX Content Exporter

A desktop application that allows its user to convert HTML files into .DOCX.
DOCX Content Exporter

A desktop application that allows its user to convert any HTML files into one large .DOCX. By the way, the created file preserves markup, styles and internal links of pages.


Development of an application converting any HTML files into .DOCX while saving markup, styles and internal links.



The application works as follows:

  1. A user downloads any HTML files with CSS files into the app;
  2. The app converts all HTML files into one big .DOCX file, that includes received pages with markup, styles and internal links.

Additional functionality:

  • The ability to change the styles of tables and other elements of the pages;
  • Ability to create tags and bookmarks, as well as search by them;
  • The ability to convert the text of any font and size;
  • Ability to work with images: adding, deleting, scaling images and so on;
  • Creating, editing, deleting custom fields and fields from MS Word;
  • Ability to customize headers and footers of selected pages, including the ability to add images to header / footer.

Technologies used:

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