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    Senior Java Engineer

    Senior Java Engineer

    Having amassed extensive expertise and experience in the industry, Anna joined Exposit as the Head of the Backend Department. Now she is in charge of the division’s steady expansion and preserving the harmony between utilization, attrition rate, and growth. Anna keeps fit by going to the gym and participating in obstacle course races, travels to various destinations, captures moments with her camera and never misses a chance to cuddle with her cat, Batman.

    Anna Filimonchyk Anna Filimonchyk Head of Backend Department

    We are expanding our team on the project and inviting an experienced Java developer!


    Extensible SaaS service for automatic testing of web (including rest and soap), desktop and mobile applications (USA).

    The main functions of the service are:

    saving test filter settings, the ability to share and use them together. Service runs locally, as well as on virtual machines in the cloud (load testing is also performed using cloud resources), data is saved in real-tireal time e launched from any computer. Instructions are intuitively generated through a user-friendly configuration tool.

    Our team is responsible for the implementation of load testing, testing of mobile applications, optimization of report performance, updating of distributed databases, synchronization with Jira, code coverage reporting.

    Main tech stack:

    Java 8 (Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, JPA2, Liquibase), PostgreSQL, Zkoss Framework, ActiveMQ, Selenium Framework, AWS.

    – Upper-intermediate spoken English is a must, as the project is American.
    – At least 3 years of development experience.

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