Enhancing communication channels: why Media Streaming is a must-have for business in 2021

Expanding communication channels has become one of the trendiest business strategies in 2021. Due to the global pandemic and the need to change companies’ communication, live streaming has become a hit that businesses around the world are trying to stick to.

Why is media streaming important for businesses in 2021?

The real breakthrough in the media streaming sector occurred during the lockdown period. Because of coronavirus, billions of people were isolated in their homes and had to work and entertain remotely.

This way, the popularity of streaming services was just doomed to skyrocket: the online live streaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 and April 2020, according to the StreamElements report.

In 2021, businesses saw the potential of live streaming and plan to keep it up: the global video streaming market size is expected to reach USD 223.98 billion by 2028, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Where is media streaming used in 2021?

First of all, live streaming in 2021 is related to remote communication. Today, a lot of teams have to find new ways of collaboration using software solutions, and media streaming is becoming essential.

The global lockdown has also forced video streaming to open up new horizons in the field of education and entertainment. Today, viewers only need a link to start watching a concert, gain knowledge, or get involved in a discussion of a specific topic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for streaming solutions for Healthcare. Video streaming contributes to the development of Telemedicine software for providing remote medical examinations and consultations. It helps physicians monitor patients remotely, improving health outcomes and simplifying access to medical care.

Sports streaming is also developing. Nowadays, sports fans cannot visit tournaments, competitions, and championships, but they can virtually support their favorite teams and players. This can be card games, cybersports, billiards, or squash – everyone is able to connect to high-quality video broadcasts.

How does media streaming improve communication?

Video and audio streaming solutions enable you to enhance and improve ways of internal and external communication via video conferencing, online events & appointments, etc. What benefits can media streaming bring to communication?

  • Putting remote employees together
    Remote work has become the norm in the modern business world. The increasing number of remote teams has caused the active implementation of software tools to collaborate effectively.

    Live streaming helps you connect and discuss work-related topics with remote employees in real time. This ensures that all employees receive exactly the same message at the same time.  Such an approach improves agility and helps avoid misunderstandings between your team.

    As a bonus, Media Streaming allows workers not only to listen to speakers but also to observe their nonverbal communication. This makes live streaming a more reliable and effective method of communication.

  • Reducing communication costs
    The economic crisis is pushing companies to look for reliable and cost-effective ways to improve their business communication strategies. It can be expensive to get all the people together for a conference, meeting, or event. Streaming, in its turn, is the best way to interact, master new activities, and save your money.

    Live streaming can help companies engage with their audience and employees in real time, no matter where they are. This reduces the cost of business travel and accommodation.

  • Promoting user engagement
    Video streaming ensures that your audience is involved in the process of communication:  live concerts, lectures, webinars, etc. During a live broadcast, listeners can actively participate in an event – ask questions, comment, etc.
  • Understanding your audience
    When you start live streaming for your business, you can analyze what content is more interesting for your audience.
    During the live broadcasting, you can receive real feedback and evaluate the audience’s attitude to your products and services and improve your business development strategy accordingly.
  • Establishing trust among the audience
    Live streams are an excellent place where you can show your brand’s transparency. The emotional connection and live communication with the streamer help viewers feel a part of the community. This increases the audience’s loyalty to the brand, improves their trust, and increases your sales.

Media Streaming has positively influenced many industries during times of crisis: sport, entertainment, education, healthcare, and more.  After the pandemic, companies will continue to enhance communication channels, and video streaming will play a key role in establishing new partnerships and effective collaborations with teams.

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