What traps do outsourcers create and who can you trust?

IT outsourcing is the most effective way to cut your budget. However, outsourcing has its own pros and cons. There is a number of traps lying in outsourcing, especially while choosing IT partner for a software project. How to understand that outsourcer is trying to deceive you?

Poor relationship management

Communication failures represented in long responds are the first reason to change the outsourcing partner. Sometimes it is better to over communicate than vice versa. Outsourcing is all about cooperation of both parties. Feel free to ask questions – it’s better to ask twice to understand the development process and issues your partner tries to solve. This way you can understand the current project stage, possible risks and overall technical feasibility of your project.

Losing control

Inability to check current project stage and absence of meetings mean that something goes wrong. An outsource service provider is supposed to take control – at least in part – over the project and personnel. IT partner should follow the project plan, approved specification and warn you about any changes in time. Outsourcer should give you access to Project Management, Issue Tracking, Test planning tools and Version Control Systems. As for us, Exposit gives clients access to our infrastructure to make our working process clear and profitable.


Suspicious points in contracts and refusal to find a compromise are the other traps of unreliable partners. Carefully form project requirements so that the final version could meet your expectations. Another important thing is to keep documentation as contracts and statements of work clear. An NDA agreement will provide an extra security for your data.


Make sure the confidentiality of your company’s information is fully protected by the law. If you want to keep silence about your project till its launch and don’t want the executor to show it any marketing materials, then NDA must be signed. We respect our clients privacy and work according to GDPR standards. By the way each and every member of IT team in Exposit has signed a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement, so you can be сonfident in your security.

Lack of feedback

Lack of research is a common mistake while looking for an outsourcing partner. Make sure your potential partner has references from your industry clients and development experience of projects like yours. You can find verified reviews on Clutch. Pay attention on qualification and tech expertise. If your outsourcing partner doesn’t have reviews or most of them are negative, it seems to be a bad one to work with.


Cheap rates usually don’t match with quality services. Reasonable rates is one of the main factors that attracts outsourcing users. The balance between quality and cost should be justified. Don’t choose the cheapest ones to reduce your costs as well as the most expensive ones to get the best quality. It is also important to provide yourself with professional business analysis to see what you are paying for. At Exposit we provide reasonable rates and our pricing meets the quality and skills of the specialists you need.

Successful cooperation with your IT partner depends on close and active communication, reliability and careful attitude to documentation. While choosing a reliable partner to develop your idea, you may consider Exposit. We respect our clients privacy, provide secure and high-quality code for reasonable rates. Share your idea and we will take care of its entire IT component.