What can Machine Learning bring for both SMBs and Enterprise?

31% of enterprises are expected to use AI in 2019 while 15% have already done it. Machine Learning is considered to be an essential business tool in the next few years. Technically, it is a branch of AI, but it’s more specific in the way of building machines to learn on their own.

SMBs and Enterprise that have dreamed of workflow reshaping can use a broad spectrum of business processes automation:

  • Administration
    Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa easily complete everyday tasks. Calendaring, scheduling, sending notifications, business correspondence etc. don’t need human resources anymore.
  • Marketing
    ML saves time for meaningful targeted campaigns. It can be responsible for lead generation and management tasks like capturing and nurturing leads, delivering relevant marketing messages and analyzing info.
  • Sales
    Virtual sales assistants adjudge the best steps to successful sales and provide contact with customer.
  • E-Commerce
    Chatbots use the opportunities of ML to make shopping process easy and pleasant for both customer and vendor. Analyzing, answering and completing different kinds of forms.
  • Customer service
    Natural language processing helps ML responding customers’ voice questions, searches, commands and requests.
  • Accounting
    With the help of ML you can get rid of dreary tedious work like accounting and bookkeeping. This kind of automation excludes the main problem in this field – human errors.

What specifically can Machine Learning companies offer to SMBs and Enterprise?

Cost Savings

Cutting costs is one of the main goals in doing business. Machine learning allows you to save money in different spaces by dint of data processing, managing and monitoring. You don’t have to spend money on salaries as ML is taking over complex tasks without human interaction.

Time Savings

ML provides effective solutions for various tasks faster and smarter. For example, ML-algorithms can predict customers’ buying patterns by analyzing their data. Customer field is not the only one improved by Machine Learning, this technology can simplify any work process.


It is reported that top-performing enterprises more than twice as likely as their industry counterparts to use the AI for marketing (28% vs 12%). Data-driven marketing strategy today is on the rise. Machine Learning here helps to identify how your definite customer looks like. Accurate analysis allows you to be as close to your audience as possible and upgrade your marketing strategies.


ML can learn, detect and prevent suspicious activities in a system, including actions with physical characteristics like fingerprints, retina scans and so on. Remember that cyber criminals also use Machine Learning, so the methods of protection should be improved all the time.

Having experience in more than 15 industries we found out there is no business that doesn’t need machine learning enhancement. Exposit can bring new opportunities for your business through AI-driven platforms development. If you have some ideas for AI projects we are here to help you from the technical side.