Types of software testing handled by Exposit

Software testing is a fundamental part in software development process that defines quality of a product. Exposit QA Engineers conduct manual and automation testing using modern techniques to provide stable work of software and satisfy its users.

Manual testing relies on test cases and reports generated by QA Engineers. Automation testing relies on written scripts and codes. It helps to find all the existing bugs thanks to automation testing tools.

Types of software testing handled by Exposit:

  • Smoke testing
    Smoke testing can include number of tests handled to verify whether the main functionality works fine. During the audit of the project this testing type is conducted first as it provides a general vision of the product. Smoke testing gives you understanding of the build quality and readiness for further tests.
  • Regression testing
    The goal of regression testing is an audit of the new changes in code. Thanks to it you understand whether your software still works properly after update. During regression testing engineers create test cases which are run against the updated versions to exclude possible errors.
  • Performance testing
    This type of testing is handled to check whether a product meets responsiveness requirements or no. Conducting performance testing helps you to understand how software behaves in various possible situations and conditions.
  • Usability testing
    This testing type helps you to determine whether a product is user-friendly. It closely relates to user workflow and scenarios, design and features efficiency. Usability testing is great to analyze every single feature within the project design.
  • Compatibility testing
    This kind of testing helps to check how a software product will interact with different environments. After compatibility testing you understand whether your product is compatible with different operating systems, browsers and platforms.
  • Accessibility testing
    This type of testing is conducted to understand whether a product is ready for delivery. Engineers check the observance of original product criteria and users’ needs. Acceptance testing often includes end users participation or even launching a beta-version of the product.
  • Penetration testing
    Testing type used to determine system vulnerability. It can be performed manually or with the help of automation tools. While conducting penetration testing QA Engineers simulate possible attacks, steal data and so on. After the made hacks testers analyze the results to understand how the security can be improved.
  • Automation testing
    Automated tests help to provide Continuous Integration. Continuous testing is integrated in delivery pipeline and make tests on every stage of software development process. It helps to minimize the number of bugs when development comes to a close and maintain the quality during the development cycle.

Exposit QAs use effective testing techniques like End-to-end testing, Exploratory testing, Ad hoc testing, Boundary-value analysis, Localization testing, GUI testing and other. Black-box testing, Dynamic testing, Specification-based testing and Static testing are among our key approaches in software testing. By the way, our QA Engineers prefer using bug tracking tools integrated with PM systems.

We deliver high quality custom software using effective test techniques and tools. If you want to learn more about our services you are always welcome to visit Exposit site or contact us.