Top 3 E-commerce projects made by Exposit

Vast experience in development of E-Commerce solutions has helped us to deliver a number of Web and Mobile projects matching clients’ business needs and providing personalized shopping experience. We are proud to introduce you 3 best E-commerce projects made by Exposit so far.

Popcorn Charity

For several months we have worked on the web project called Popcorn Charity. It is a platform for raising funds for the needs of youth organizations, sports teams, sections, clubs, schools and other associations by selling popcorn. Exposit specialists needed to study its business logic and the code structure to deal with tasks as export files, data processing, development of the technical part of the site.

The site presents various tastes of popcorn, available for order. Half of the proceeds from each sale goes to charity and the other for organizations’ support. The user can choose an organization to send his purchase, and also can easily track charitable events of the companies of interest. It’s extremely cool, isn’t it?

We have developed additional functionality and changed business logic to optimize processing and export of data, structure the database and integrate the functionality of selling popcorn and creating fundraising campaigns in a single platform. And of course have bought some popcorn! 🙂

Payment Modules

We all use bank cards for payments today. Exposit has developed a Web project called Payment Modules that automates the process of payments’ acceptance through bank cards. It is an aggregator that provides merchants with an ability to accept payments online. During the project we have developed four modules using PHP:

  • WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress;
  • Opencard plug-in;
  • Prestashop plug-in;
  • Magento plug-in.

Plug-ins are connected to stores and allow buyers to make online payments. Merchants accept payments through the Payment gateway and can withdraw the funds received.


Nothing makes people happier than a coupon giving additional discount or providing a special offer. Couponic is an application that allows users to see discount coupons from various establishments (restaurants, shops, cinemas, airports) on the move, collect and use them.

Exposit team has developed Android and iOS applications with responsive design and implemented the following features:

  • Authorization and registration module;
  • Displaying lists of coupons;
  • Displaying coupons on Google map;
  • Viewing companies;
  • Push notifications;
  • Integration with social networks and instant messengers: Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp;
  • Coupons activation by scanning a barcode;
  • Coupons activation by detecting beacons, registered by these coupons.

Our team also didn’t miss the opportunity to make the most profitable purchases on several occasions 😉

We are always happy to create dynamic E-commerce applications that will simplify buying and increase sales. If you want to develop an E-commerce project from scratch, we are ready to provide you with quality services: from requirements analysis to system maintenance. You can also implement additional functionality in the existed application and improve its user experience. Feel free to contact us with any E-commerce ideas.