Summing up 2018

Since 2012 we have been developing quality custom software for customers from Europe, The United States, Asia and the Middle East. Every year we summarize the previous year’s results to see what we have achieved and understand what we aim for.

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What has 2018 brought for Exposit?

  • New Markets, Clients and Projects
    We have discovered four new markets: Australia, Belgium, Hungary and the Netherlands. All in all we have worked with 26 new clients and developed 63 new projects.
  • New Expertise
    In 2018 we have enhanced our expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Media Streaming and Broadcasting software development. By the way, 42 new employees joined Exposit team.
  • BA/PM department
    Reinforced Our skilled Project Managers plan activities, coordinate teamwork and deliver projects on time. Business Analysts work on the requirements, link our customers and software developers and deliver the most appropriate product for business needs.
  • New Services
    We launched our DevOps service. Our DevOps engineers write configs and add duct tapes for proper deployment of apps in production and integration with other systems. They also deploy apps on test benches and automate testing, release and updating processes.
  • New Community
    One of our proudest achievements s is JayDevs freelance community creation. In 2018, we decided not to limit ourselves to Exposit staff for all our software development projects, so we expand our expertise and skills with the added manpower of subcontractors. We work only with reliable professionals, Senior+ Software Engineers. They have over 5 years experience in IT field and completed at least 500h on our projects delivering successful results. Jay.devs is a reliable partner from European Union officially registered in Estonia.
  • Blog page creation
    In 2018 we launched our blog page telling about most discussed topics in the IT world. Join us on Exposit blog to read articles about the latest updates and research across IT and engineering.

Wish list for 2019

What goals have we set for the year ahead?

  • Team enhancement
    We are planning to increase our team up to 150 employees that means an improvement of our skills and expertise by a factor 1.5.
  • Developing new markets
    We want to continue discovering new countries to open new opportunities for our company. We respect our current partners and will maintain and strengthen business relationships.
  • HYPE department opening
    We always stay on top of all IT news and trends to develop the most relevant and modern products. Our HYPE department will track hype technologies and directions like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, etc. and apply them to the software production.
  • Highlighting our specific business solutions
    We are focused on implementing Machine Learning and Media Streaming functionality to create the most personalized software.
  • Audience expansion and IT content
    We are planning to expand our audience, share the most interesting IT content with you and continue developing Exposit blog.

2018 has given us many valuable experiences. It has brought to Exposit new connections, projects, skills, production and administrative processes’ improvement. We are glad to see our current partners and hope to form long-term relationships with new clients in 2019.

Open the full white paper by following the link to see all our achievements and plans. We hope you find this report useful.

If you have any questions or want to learn how Exposit can help you deliver the experiences your clients expect, we would love to hear from you.