Must-have services for software project development

Project development includes a number of services that help to achieve excellent quality of your product and save time on the code rewriting. Which of them are must-have for creating market fit, stable and scalable software product?

  • Business Analysis
    Every project starts from requirements gathering and analysis creating a solid foundation for further development. IT Business Analysts can help you with a detailed analysis of project requirements, project decomposition, evaluation of technical options and cost estimation. This way you will get a structured and independent expert view of your project including scope of work, needed specialists, time and budget for the project implementation.
  • Project Management
    Competent planning and coordination of project activities will help you to deliver your project on time and on budget. An inspiring leader who can plan, organize, coordinate and control the working process is extremely important for project development team. Such a person makes your team united, motivated and productive. Exposit Project Managers interact with the involved teams considering all possible risks to complete the project successfully. We also give access to our Issue Tracking, Test planning tools and Version Control Systems. This way you may specify, discuss and control tasks made by our team, monitor the process and status of your project.
  • Design
    App users appreciate convenient and easy-to-perceive design. A professional team can develop UI & UX design considering specifications of your target audience, app purpose, technologies used and platform selected. Prototyping, UX & UI Design and Usability Engineering will help you to achieve a distinguished combination of comfort and intelligent design. Exposit designers use interface prototypes and user interaction models to create a convenient design for users of any level. We are also aware of the latest trends in UI & UX that helps us to create modern innovative designs.
  • Software development
    The professional software development team will translate your idea into a software solution using the best software development practices and methodologies like Waterfall or Agile. Following industry trends helps them easily use them during the working process and deliver up-to-date software. Exposit engineering team is divided into Backend, Frontend and Mobile departments. Our Full-stack engineers handle high-quality development on any complexity level.
  • Quality Assurance
    Inclusion of Quality Assurance services in project development will help you to meet project requirements on software stability. Software testing engineers can provide you with Manual and Automation testing helping you to ensure quality and stable work of the product. Testing activities within the project can include requirements analysis, сreating test documentation, various types of software testing. As a result, you will get a guarantee of the high quality and usability of the final product.

You can also consider Software Integration, Administration and Support services for your project development to simplify product delivery and management. Do not forget to choose a suitable cooperation model for your project development. Exposit offers Time & Material or Fixed Price cooperation models for project development from scratch or finalization of the existing one. Contact us if you search for a reliable IT partner to implement your software project idea.