Marketing app with human touch: key elements for customer service improvement

High-performing customer service helps businesses to breed customer loyalty and trust, create a positive brand reputation and increase sales. What components should marketing software include to provide effective customer service?


Tracking important metrics and conversions helps companies to measure the effectiveness of customer support team and marketing campaigns. It can help you to better understand your customers and plan your marketing activities according to their preferences and needs. Implemented analytics can collect data about behavior and demographics of your customers displaying reports in diagrams, charts, tables, etc. This way you can see what works well for your audience and what aspects of customer service need improvement.


Being aware of what people say about your brand across different media helps you to prevent social media crisis and manage the reputation of the company. Monitoring tools will inform you every time your brand has been mentioned across the Internet including social media, search engines, blogs, newsletters and so on. You can track a specific word, a phrase or a hashtag related to your brand. It gives you an ability to react to complaints or other messages faster as 28% of respondents worldwide say they expect a response for their social media complaints within an hour. You can also consider monitoring your competitors and how they interact with clients. It is another great approach to improve your customer service and understand on what stages your competitors perform better. This way you will also stay informed about the feedback on their products and services.

Ticket creation and management

31% of users consider the case of repeating or providing information multiple times as one of the most frustrating aspect of customer experience. Implemented ticket management is a solution that can get your customers rid of the endless searching for help on different platforms. It automatically converts requests from multiple platforms into tickets and assigns them to a particular person. The system can synchronize requests from social media, contact forms on your websites, emails, live chats and so on. Managers can also collaborate on the issue using comments, notes and other features that makes work of your customer support team more productive.

Virtual assistant support

Implementation of Machine Learning algorithms can simplify processes performing by your customer support department. For example, chatbots can provide instant response on the majority of FAQ or redirect a question to a team member in case of ignorance. Make sure a bot provides customers with helpful information because 47,5% of U.S. users face too many unhelpful tips while using a chatbot. A virtual assistant can also help your support team suggesting the relevant answers for open issues. This way you can speed up the processing of requests and provide customers with useful solutions. Artificial Intelligence can also improve digital marketing strategy with intelligent search, smart content delivery, personalization, etc.

Remember that the customer service and the way you treat your customers represent the mission and values of your company. Contact us if you want to build a marketing application that helps you to stand out in customer support.