Main traps while managing business analysis in software project

The cost of possible mistakes in software development project is often very tangible. Which of these mistakes can be committed by BA?

Requirements review

37% of all organizations reported inaccurate requirements as the primary reason for project failure. Documentation mistakes are the most common in BA. Mistakes with requirements reviews is a team work in some way, because it also depends on stakeholders. Using inappropriate technical terms to express thoughts can lead to the crush of communication bridge between customer and developers.

Another problem here is a bad structure of review. Requirements should be collected in a smart way to help, not to confuse the estimated reader. Competent BAs have a good level of both written and spoken English to provide a good communication during the collaboration. Communication skills and technical background help BA to be a talented interpreter of developers’ language for customers and vice versa.


Every project differs from another. Sometimes people working with analysts face with problem of applying the same templates on every project to make the tasks easier. The role and responsibilities of Business Analyst is constantly transforming, especially in IT. As data and software have an update, so have BAs. It is important to notice every detail in BRD (Business Requirements Documents) to do the job correctly.


Business Analysis is the bridge between business and developers’ team, so the communication skills are necessary. While talking with a incompetent BA you often don’t understand a thought line. The main points of conversation must be provided clearly to avoid a frustration of the team – both you and developers. All the meetings should be issue based to find the best solution effectively.

Multiple Issues vs Focus on little

Since a Business Analyst should be attentive to details it is important to avoid multiple issues in one go. But focusing on one little thing for a long time is also unproductive. As a result you can get Analysis Paralysis. Good BA should have a planning skill to prevent the optimal required time.


Having a conversation with BA put attention on his honesty. There are cases when specialist may not represent you a real state of things giving you untruthful results of analysis. Do not be afraid, but be careful while checking results.

Business Analysis is an important stage in software development process that can help your business avoid the possible risks and stand out successfully. Take an opportunity to work with professionals to enjoy your experience. Exposit is always ready to help you.