M-Commerce checkout: delivering a seamless experience for mobile shoppers

M-commerce has become a must-have for every online retailer. Somebody believes it is a new step of E-Commerce evolution, others consider it to be a passing trend. Anyway, around 40% of shoppers now prefer purchasing via smartphone because of convenience and the number of mobile shoppers is constantly growing.

One of the critical factors in providing great M-Commerce experience is the quality checkout process. Nobody likes to stand in a long line at the store waiting for your turn. The same happens online: users expect checkout to be fast, convenient and secure. What do you need to consider to create a seamless M-Commerce context for checkout?

  • Guest access
    The necessity of creating an account to complete a purchase is the real enemy of the seamless checkout process that can decrease your sales. Give your customers an opportunity to get guest access for easy buying or to log in using their social media account. It saves time and obviates the need for personal data filling. Place the guest checkout option on the top and make it notable in order not to confuse users with “login” and “password” fields. You can offer to create an account mentioning benefits like purchase history, special offers and others after the checkout is completed.
  • Security markers
    The vulnerability of personal information and the chance to be hacked online can make users hesitate about purchasing products via your M-Commerce platform. Make sure that your app uses reliable secure connections for payment processing. You can also put trust markers throughout the checkout process to reassure customers that their personal information is safe within a transaction. For example, you can display a sentence telling “this payment is secure” on the top of the checkout page.
  • Third-party payments
    Mobile payments include a variety of options – from digital wallets to money transfers. Shopping via mobile devices often refers to impulse buying that requires checkout speed. The integration of popular payment methods will allow users to make a purchase in one click reducing the time spent not only on payment processing but also on decision-making.
  • Quick buying
    The long buying journey is very annoying and M-Commerce solutions should streamline the checkout process to a few steps. That is why you should implement quick-buy features allowing users to add items to cart right from the search results and to easily purchase the required product on the go. Remember to put on the checkout page only necessary for payment fields to reduce the number of interactions leading to a successful checkout. All the content requiring additional interactions can be displayed after the transaction is completed.
  • Progress bar
    Users that have reached your checkout form no longer need engagement content catching their attention. You need to keep the design of your checkout page as simple as possible and use easy navigation that shows how close to the purchase the user is. The progress bar can help you to easily visualize all the steps left to a successful checkout. It helps mobile users to easily understand the process on the go and see where they’ve stopped in case of interruption.

Seamless checkout is an important aspect of your M-Commerce platform that helps to provide excellent customer experience, produce repeat purchases and bring competitive advantages to your business. Exposit mobile team has enhanced experience in the custom development of E-Commerce solutions considering innovative technologies and the latest mobile app design trendsContact us if you want to translate your idea into a powerful E-Commerce solution.