How can we foresee the success of a mobile app and make it strong?

According to the Flurry Analytics mobile use continues to grow beyond web over the last few years. It is considered that 80-90% of mobile apps get deleted after the first use because of bags, lack of benefits for users, poor UX and ill-conceived marketing strategy. How to make it strong? Let’s find out.

Have you ever thought how a mobile product would like to be sold? It demands an attention both from developers and marketing managers. Let’s have a look on some essential points of modern mobile application marketing to sort out what is effective by the moment of selling a product.

First of all, marketing

Having a mobile product in project is the most appropriate time for thinking how to make an effective marketing plan for it. Since various mobile apps are flooding the market it is extremely important to focus on the marketing strategy for the app that is being developed beforehand. Make your product long-awaited and warm the audience up until the launching. Find out what channels of promotion will be successful in your particular case according to your target audience and unique value proposition. It can be online advertising, mailing, press releases, getting into Product Hunt, selling a package of services with a mobile application, etc.

During your audience analysis don’t forget to define the purpose of your mobile app. It should be clear and understandable for users. Remember about an effective UX: mobile app should cover users’ specific needs and simplify their daily or business processes. Try to make your product functional to the max and focused on its main purpose.

Think over the future representation of your product. It is important to pay attention on design and infographics you use. Get rid of visual noise.

Think well about acquisition in mobile apps stores. Optimization for marketplaces is guaranteed to increase your sales. A report by Forrester informs that about 63% of mobile applications were found via app store search. Working with Exposit you can assign placing your app in mobile application stores to our professional team.

When the application is launching

Don’t forget to put some essentials in your marketing plan on the stage of launching. Think over a presentation of your product and how to make it effective. There are a lot of aspects from the product’s title to the screenshots presenting the app. Anyway, it should be appealing and attract all the audience attention.

Sometimes status of the product is pretty unstable. Do not forget about analyzing on all stages of mobile product live. Track the analytics regularly: daily and monthly active users, session length, conversion rate, etc. SEO tools will also make your marketing strategy stronger and improve mobile app’s position and rating in Google Play and App Store. Analyze on-page and off-page factors, keyword searching, high-quality backlinks.

As you can see elaborate marketing strategy can effectively increase your mobile app’s sales. Start developing a strong marketing plan beforehand. Focus on essential things to make your product simple and efficient. Think over the channels of promotion, ways of monetization and the best way to present the app. Optimize your product for marketplaces and have a look on analytics regularly. Think first, then do and enjoy the process!