Features bringing video conferencing, online meetings and broadcasts to a brand new level

Globalization makes video conferencing and online meetings a staple in the modern business world. Opportunity to work from home and global workforce lead to the rapid development of communication tools. They cut communication costs and increase productivity. What features may improve your online meetings experience?

Video recording & Playback

Ability to record meetings and conferences preserves knowledge and simplifies many business processes. You can use playback function as a training tool to review recorded media and improve business communication skills. Video recording also helps a new team member easily join the process and get the needful information about the project. Working with clients respect their privacy while recording meetings. Playback function is used in E-learning, Sports & Healthcare, Media Management and Cybersport spheres.

Calendar plug-ins

Built-in calendar makes scheduling of meetings easy. You can choose appropriate meeting date and time, add or remove events right in the video conferencing platform. Calendars give you visibility of existing meetings so you can join one of them quickly or plan your own according to the schedule. This function also simplifies the invitation process allowing you to send and receive invitations inside the platform you are working through.

App sharing

It allows you to share the application during a video conference. Thanks to that other participants can view how it works even if they don’t have a suitable software. This function is extremely helpful in terms of marketing and promotion. It is also helpful for remote support when people work in different locations. This way collaboration with partners is quick and effective.

Electronic whiteboards

This function allows you to type, write or draw important information on the board visible for meeting participants. You can highlight the point you are speaking about using zoom, pointers or shape markers. It makes the working process more interactive and productive. Sharing dashboards can work on any device for comfortable collaboration.

File transfer

Implemented chat is a common function around software providing video conferencing. It can be improved by file transfer tool that allows you to send any files to any participant of the meeting. You require a FTP server and FTP client to send data to recipients. Make sure you exclude possible security risks. Use such an extension with partners you trust. You can also make media transmission more secure using encryption.


This function allows you to generate custom elements right in the video conferencing software. You can create and edit custom greetings for people who join your conference for the first time. They can be sent automatically. You can also create or customize meeting layouts online at any time of video conference. Customized meeting wall can help you to create branded meeting room by adding your logo, corporate colors and so on. It will help you make the first impression and represent your company on a brand new level.

Video conferencing makes even complex business communication easy and productive with the right functionality. Implemented tools may help you to focus on the paramount business goals. Exposit is always ready to develop media streaming & broadcasting solutions for your specific needs.