Exposit Digital Services: a brief history of our company

Exposit has successfully delivered to market more than 150 Web and Mobile projects in various industries. But how did the story begin?

Let’s start from the very beginning. Exposit was founded in Grodno, Belarus in summer 2012 by Vasili Yavorchuck. At the moment of foundation Exposit team consisted of 5 IT specialists. Soon, Exposit team began to expand and celebrated New Year already being the team of 8. Half of the initial team, including Founder & CEO Vasili Yavorchuk, is still working with Exposit developing the company and enhancing our expertise.

In 2013 Exposit was already a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park. During 2015 and 2016 the company undertook several educational projects including Summer Java Camp and Exposit IT Boarding where students learned programming languages and created projects by themselves. The majority of graduates got a job in our company.

Originally, our company was coloured in blue and orange, but in 2017 Exposit did a rebranding. The company changed its color scheme to yellow and black, renewed logo and updated the website.

In May 2018 we have taken key measures to do business in accordance with GDPR. There were updating of Privacy Policy, reconfiguring of web analytics, segmentation of clients in accordance with Data Processing Basis around them.

In September 2018 we have launched our blog page which you are reading right now. Here we share the latest updates and research across IT industry as well as big Exposit news. Today you can also find the latest company news and useful tips across software development and business in Exposit social media including LinkedinFacebook and Twitter.

2018 was a landmark for Exposit because we presented the own product Wizart – a virtual wallpaper dressing room for updating design of real interiors. Today, Wizart is a separate company and a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.

In 2019 Exposit has created its first mobile game called Chicken Busters. The main goal of this Unity game is to eliminate as many chickens as possible and, accordingly, score as many points as possible.

Today Exposit numbers about 105 IT specialists offering a full cycle of custom software development: from requirements analysis to system maintenance. Our team is continuously expanding: more and more talents are joining the Exposit office located in Grodno.

Since 2012 Exposit has been mentioned in a great number of listings:

You can also find Exposit on Clutch.co and check our clients’ reviews to ensure the quality of provided services. Or leave your own.

We are happy to translate your project ideas into software solutions. Contact us if you have an idea for a software development project and want to build long-lasting relations with a reliable IT partner.