Essential UI&UX trends for 2022

The coronavirus pandemic keeps bringing new trends and innovations in the technology industry, including UI and UX design evolution. As the worldwide lockdown promotes digitalization, businesses should be more creative than ever before, finding new ways to attract and retain customers. UI&UX design is one such area of focus.

What are the latest trends in UI and UX for 2022?

Meaningful and attention-grabbing UI&UX design for web and mobile apps will help you create the right brand image and win customer loyalty. For example, according to the Google study, 61% of users will be disappointed in a company with a bad UX, even if they like the brand.

Tracking new design trends and practices makes your product much more competitive in the market. So, what trends should you consider in 2022 to show you care about your customers?

  • Dark Theme
    Despite the fact that the dark theme became very popular in 2019, it will only gain momentum next year: according to a recent Android Authority survey, 82% of users use the dark theme in all apps where it is available.Many major companies have already implemented a dark theme for their digital solutions, including Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and others. This decision can help you achieve a brighter color highlight and make clients’ eyes less strained without dry them out.

    Dark mode combined with OLED (organic LED) can also help your users save battery life on their devices. So, we are sure that more and more applications will adopt this feature.

  • Micro-interactions
    Next year, UX will change significantly: micro-interactions will become one of the main design trends and bring additional benefits to your software product.Micro-interpretation can be expressed in different ways:
    1. changing the hue of individual elements;
    2. visualization of the required page loading;
    3. animation during the transition;
    4. the original response to the pressing of certain buttons, etc.This approach will make the process of interacting with the system more pleasant and understandable. This way, our team is confident that the implementation of micro-interactions will engage your audience in the created context and definitely attract additional customers.
  • 3D Elements
    Using 3D in design is not new, but in 2022 it will be improved. For the last 2 years, companies have been using 3D graphics to increase the launch time of an app or page. Next year, experts will use small frameworks that allow three-dimensional elements to be displayed immediately.This trend will improve usability, make the design unique, and attract the attention of your prospects.
  • Advanced Personalization
    Customizing content and making personalized recommendations based on the users’ information makes your audience feel special and increases demand for your product and conversion rates.Thanks to AI capabilities and personalized assistants that recognize voices, faces, and fingerprints, you can easily interact with your users. For example, Amazon creates a personalized homepage for customers with content and templates based on their shopping habits, history, and cart information.You can also program the interface to instantly change the appearance of the screen, the layout of elements, the tone, and the behavior of the system. The platform will be customized to the interests of your audience, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.
  • Voice-based Interface
    Today, voice interaction plays an important role in business expansion. Voice chatbots and other virtual assistants guide customers, understand and respond to their requests. Companies can also use VUI (voice-activated user interface) to send emails, track orders and maintain schedules.That’s why we believe that the voice interface not only makes life easier for your customers by helping them find and fill out the information in a fast way but also speeds up your employees’ workflow.
  • Mobile-First Design
    According to a Hitwise report, nearly 60% of all online searches are performed using mobile devices. Today, the mobile phone is used for everyday activities, such as booking a vacation trip or dinner at a restaurant, browsing clothing tags, and so on.It means that in addition to looking good on the desktop version, the site must also be compatible with mobile devices. Our designers are confident that this approach will be an effective tool for customer interaction in 2022.

2022 will bring new opportunities for UI&UX design

In 2022, UI&UX design will become even more attractive and friendly for end-users. It will be influenced by the active implementation of the voice-based interface and mobile-first design. The use of 3D elements and micro-interactions will also make the experience of engaging with apps livelier so that the user is more likely to stay on the page.

In 2022, there will be even more applications with a dark background and the ability to customize the design for a particular user.

The Exposit team always tracks the latest IT trends to deliver marketable solutions for your business. Contact us to create an up-to-date design that can establish a close connection with your potential user.