Digital marketing strategy: 6 reasons why AI is a best friend of a marketing manager

A modern formula of successful digital marketing is a combination of big data and machine learning. Usage of AI technologies opens new perspectives for marketers. It allows to understand your target audience better than ever and build smarter campaigns.

More and more marketing departments are integrating or planning to integrate AI into their processes to get a number of bonuses:

Intelligent searches

AI technologies are making voice and visual search an integral part of search engines and E-commerce platforms. Search mechanisms are changing under the influence of image recognition and natural language processing. Machine learning algorithms use search patterns to offer the most appropriate result for a one from your target audience. Data processed with AI can also improve your SEO strategy and resource promotion.

Smart content delivery

In the age of too many choices, social media content plays a crucial role in consumers’ decisions. AI can provide you with content suggestions that will help you to identify the most performing content at present. This way you make content marketing strategies more effective and targeting. With the help of computer vision AI can define the most enjoyable and viral content on social media according to a specific location. This method can be applied even to e-mail marketing. AI can create a message with the most appropriate images and offers for a specific customer.


User experience in shopping, design and even dating becomes hyper personalized thanks to AI-driven recommendation mechanism. Customer experience helps to identify trends and develop visual social listening. For example, Asos Style Match uses visual search tool to find and offer things you want. Recommendation mechanism can be also useful in lead generation as it can suggest ideal potential customers for you. Some vending machines powered by AI can adapt to context depending on the environment. They can use one kind of UI and functionality for hospital, another for entertaining centres.

Audience engagement

Conversational AI tools and chatbots enhance users’ interaction. Audience involvement is a win to win situation because it gives a sense of importance for users and improvement opportunities for product owners. For example, IntelligentX company offers their customers to answer 10 questions processing answers with AI. They produce AI-brewed beer and improve it all the time according to the consumers’ feedback.

Smart predictions

AI can anticipate customers behavior collecting data and processing it with machine learning algorithms. You can use AI for predictive analytics both on the stage of collecting and processing data. For example, Coca Cola applies machine learning algorithms to their vending machines to understand what type of drink they should promote in a particular location. This way they make their sales better in advance and make the best possible offers to their clients.

Analytics automation

AI technology provides auto segmentation analyzing various user scenarios. AI segmentation can give you an access to the undiscovered data about your audience’s behavior and its common traits. Thus, you can learn how customers’ habits vary across the globe and simplify decision making. Analysis results will give you a clear vision of how to improve your product and what aspects are critical to change.

Processing capabilities make AI an extremely useful tool for a data-driven Marketing discipline. Machine learning algorithms can improve analytics, automate processes and engage your audience. If you want to apply AI to your marketing strategies, we are ready to provide you with suitable AI-solution.