Destination Belarus: the Silicon Valley of CIS or the perfect outsourcing partner

Belarus can be considered the Silicon Valley of CIS. There are 1000+ IT-companies in Belarus. 152+ of them are Hi-Tech Park residents, including Exposit. What makes Belarus one of the TOP IT outsourcing countries?

  • Mentality
    Belarusians are open-minded and hospitable people sharing European cultural and business principles. Belarusian IT specialists are generous for communication and represent fluent English in conversation. Business people in Belarus are responsible and decent in compliance with the terms of the signed contracts.
  • Location and visa
    East central Europe location is an extra benefit of outsourcing to Belarus. GMT +3 time-zone makes communication with EU & USA-based business people more comfortable. Belarus is a visa-free zone for citizens of around 80 countries. Foreigners can stay in Belarus for 30 days without visa.
  • Government support
    Belarus hosts Hi-tech park (HTP) supported by the government. On December 21, 2017 the President of the Republic of Belarus signed the Decree “On Digital Economy Development”. It provides government fiscal relief and makes investment in Belarusian IT companies easier. Decree also establishes the basic legal framework for blockchain technology, smart contracts and the circulation of cryptocurrencies.
  • Educational background
    There are 52 universities in Belarus and 16,000 graduates annually has a diploma connected with technical skills. IT-specialists in Belarus are well-educated people, especially in math, physics and computer science. Our specialists, particularly IT-related, are highly valued abroad.
  • IT Talents
    There are around 40,000 people working in IT-sector in Belarus. Such famous products as Viber, World of Tanks, MSQRD, MAPS.ME and Flo were built by belarusian developers. We regularly win international competitions like Google Code Jam and Facebook Hacker Cup. By the way, we are recognized among Top Offshore Software Development Companies and Software Development Outsourcing Companies.
  • IT Maturity
    Since Soviet times Belarus has participated in developing software industry. By 2019 Our people have a 50+ years experience in software development. Belarus is an active and successful outsource destination for over 20+ years. You can find us among Top Eastern Europe Software Development Companies.
  • Cost and quality
    Price-quality ratio is often an additional argument for outsourcing to Belarus. Belarusian IT companies provide reasonable rates (around 25$-40$) in comparison to other countries. Outsourcing teams always deliver qualitative product to customers in time.

Over the last 20 years Belarus became an IT center of Eastern Europe. Great educational background and accumulated experience make cooperation with belarusian developers profitable. Exposit also provides quality software development and comfortable business communication that will make your IT outsourcing experience outstanding.