Case studies: experience of development a 300 man-years product for Media Management

What can be described as a great experience? 300 man-years spent on software product can. Exposit wants to share the results of our unique project development experience. Let’s get acquainted with OMN (Online Media Net) – a powerful online tool for solving various tasks in Media production management. A large distributed team has been working on the project for over 15 years and has already spent over 300 m/years on its development. We have been working on OMN and its plugins for over 6 years and have already spent more than 80 m/years here.

Exposit gained a unique experience in the geographically distributed development of a large software product, release management, analysis, automation and implementation of complex production cycles and processes for a lot of the end customers. Among the customers are Media service providers, Global brands, Manufacturer, Retail networks.

The core

OMN is a long-playing software product for solving various tasks in Product information management, Project management, Media asset management, Brand management, Workflow management and Media production management. It relates to Enterprise software development, so the effective teamwork here is essential.

Such media management projects improve developers’ skills thanks to complex data processing, a big amount of media content, complex business logic, large number of different dependencies, etc. Thanks to OMN Exposit got a deep understanding and a vast experience in all aspects of working on a huge industrial software project.


OMN application provides a customer with following functions:

  • Automation of media content production (for example, pdf-catalogs of high resolution);
  • Media logistics;
  • Product information management.

The main modules with powerful functionality are combined and configured under the processes of a specific customer into a single and complete system of media production and multi-channel marketing management of large companies.


We also upgraded OMN capabilities with the following plugins development:

  • Article Briefing
    Article Briefing is an OMN plugin simplifying associating assets with products by certain rules.
  • Briefing Module
    Briefing Module is a plugin for OMN, which allows its users to create page layouts for catalogs. It is a highly loaded application providing the work of multiple users simultaneously.
  • MetaData Translation
    Metadata Translation is an OMN Flash plugin simplifying translating product descriptions into different languages.

Transfer to the modern technologies

It is important to provide a stability of media management platforms and make software updates regularly. Since OMN project lasts for over 15 years, it has to be completely transferred to modern technologies.

We are rewriting the Frontend part of the Product Information Management module of OMN from old Adobe Flex to the new Angular 6. Functionality:

  • Single view of data. In the module you can create advanced descriptions of goods, add images, information on shops, assortment, suppliers and channels.
  • Functionality for managing catalogs and assortment. The solution allows its user to create an unlimited number of product hierarchies and group products according to their goals.
  • The ability to manage data, considering features of product promotion through the marketplace, online sites, mobile or call-centers.

Thanks to OMN, Exposit got a deep understanding and a vast experience in all aspects of working on a huge industrial software project. You can find out the detailed information about OMN and related plugins in our media management portfolio.

We will be glad to hear about your media management product and help you from the development side.