Addressing the needs of modern students: how gamification can improve learning experience

Many years people have been searching for a perfect combination of theory and practice to make the offline and online learning process more effective. According to The Cone of Dale learning model, people remember what they do more than what they see, read or write which means practice plays a critical role in developing new skills. How can we apply this model in the e-Learning environment?

E-learning offers various forms of training: from e-books and educational white papers to interactive lessons and online courses. Across the spectrum of E-education forms, games and simulations provide the most engaging and interactive experience of learning by doing. How gamification can improve learning outcomes?

Increases engagement

Games are the most interactive and problem-oriented form of e-learning that allows students to effectively engage with educational content. You can provide your students with a specific challenge and give them a clear reason to learn. Educational materials in combination with gamification make the learning process funnier for children and less boring for adults. By implementing AR/VR technologies into your platform you can even help students experience real-life challenges in a safe environment.

At TEDx Talks 2018 a talented teacher from Canada Scott Hebert shared how gamification can solve an engagement crisis in modern education. His approach to education using game mechanics was named the Best Gamified Project in Education globally in 2015 by the World Gamification Congress.

Brings additional motivation

The majority of educational games involve a competitive experience making the learning process a way to new achievements. Games allow us to award points, level up and unlock special options that breed friendly competition, bring additional motivation and contribute to better results. How?

For example, in an educational project Interactive English developed by Exposit users must complete the series of missions designed to improve language skills to level up and advance in the game. This way they develop English language proficiency and literacy getting awards.

Enhances data understanding

Gamification provides interactive visualization of educational data that makes learning process clear and easy-to-perceive. It helps to better understand unknown data exploring educational information through visual forms. Visual experience also helps to remember information quicker.

For example, in Study Platform children can easily learn maths thanks to the visualization of tasks and interactive cartoons. Little students learn different math-related topics following the unique storylines and helping animated characters to solve tasks. Visualization helps children to better understand the challenge and find the solution quicker.

Provides instant feedback

Feedback is an essential part of quality learning. Thanks to the game experience of completing educational modules and leveling up you can instantly see and evaluate your progress. Real-time feedback is more relevant and valuable for users helping them understand what topic is worth drawing attention or requires more practice.

Maintains mental health

The game-like training process can positively affect the mental state of both students, interns and experienced specialists. According to the TalentLMS’s 2019 Gamification at Work survey, 88% of employees say that gamification makes them feel happier at work. Mental health and psychological state impact the way students learn or employees work. Positive experience within training helps to boost the productivity of learners and provide a quality performance of the acquired skills.

Gamification allows creating an educational environment adapting with the times and addressing challenges of different areas of knowledge. The Exposit development team is highly skilled in delivering complex Gamification & Visualization solutions for Education. Contact us to bring E-learning experience to a brand new level and explore more opportunities for your business.