05.10.2021 / 18:17

Essential UI&UX trends for 2022

The meaningful and engaging design creates the right brand image and wins customer loyalty. What trends will help you achieve these goals in 2022?

16.09.2021 / 17:14

Web development trends: how to stay ahead in 2022

Every year, our team analyzes tendencies in the development of web applications. So, what web trends should you consider in 2022?

18.05.2021 / 15:06

Audio apps: why the voice-only social apps are conquering the market

Staying at home has contributed to the popularity of online discussions and social audio apps in various industries. How can it benefit your business?

19.01.2021 / 16:55

5 trends influencing the Healthcare software market in 2021

The pandemic has become a trigger for the health sector, accelerating the transition to digital. What tech trends will make a market impact in 2021?

20.10.2020 / 16:54

Mobile development trends for 2021: addressing modern needs

Remote services сaused the increasing number of mobile apps in 2020. What trends should you consider for creating sought-after mobile solutions in 2021?

30.07.2020 / 15:06

How wearables can influence mobile app development in the nearest future?

Wearables’ effectiveness and performance largely depend on usual mobile applications. What you should know to stay competitive on the market?

23.01.2020 / 16:16

Mobile UI & UX design: trends to consider in 2020

People love convenient and user-friendly mobile apps. What trends in mobile UI and UX design will help to achieve these goals in 2020?

26.12.2019 / 18:38

Retail tech trends: what to expect in 2020

Retail is a rapidly developing industry that requires businesses to stay aware of the latest technology trends. What are retail trends for 2020?

18.10.2019 / 12:12

Achieving excellent quality: QA trends 2020

The fall season is the best time to check out the trends for the next year whether it is fashion or IT. What is expected for Quality Assurance in 2020?

25.04.2019 / 16:59

Trends transforming IT outsourcing: what changes should we expect?

Around 63% of global CTOs outsource or offshore IT services. How outsourcing will develop in the nearest future and what may affect it?

19.03.2019 / 17:48

M-Commerce and E-Commerce trends improving customer experience in 2019

Trendy features bring customer experience in M-Commerce and E-Commerce to a new level. What trends should your business follow to be on the rise?

26.02.2019 / 19:08

Exposit is among the Clutch Top App Development Companies!

We have completed over 150 projects. According to our clients' reviews on Clutch, we average 4.6-stars out of 5-stars rating.

15.02.2019 / 17:53

Which programming language to choose for software product development?

There is a flood of programming languages to use in software development. Which one can make your product outstanding?

14.02.2019 / 18:30

Summing up 2018

Every year we summarize the previous year’s results to see what we have achieved and understand what we aim for. What has 2018 brought for Exposit?

11.10.2018 / 18:04


Top and the most profitable frameworks and programming languages used for software development in 2018 year opposed to outdated.

30.08.2018 / 17:25

Trends booming today's IT industry

Data Security, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Cybersecurity and other trends at the top of IT minds.

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