12.01.2021 / 15:57

HRV Analysis and Atrial Fibrillation Detection using Machine Learning

HRV is one of the best measures to test the ANS function and predict the risks of heart diseases. How ML can help in analyzing HRV and detecting AF?

22.12.2020 / 17:13

5 reasons to implement Business Intelligence for data processing

Today, businesses face the problem of storing and processing a rapidly increasing amount of data. One of the ways of effective data processing is BI.

01.12.2020 / 16:03

Telemedicine platforms: essential components for quality remote care

Telemedicine is becoming a leading trend in HealthTech of 2020. What software components are essential in a Telehealth solution today?

29.09.2020 / 16:49

Simulcasting for business: challenges faced and things to consider

Simulcasting can significantly increase awareness and strengthen relations with a brand. What things should you consider to deliver a quality solution?

27.08.2020 / 17:23

Machine Learning behind the scenes: what is dataset and why should it be qualitative?

Machine Learning performs many amazing things if it has the right data. What is a dataset in ML and how to keep it high-quality?

16.07.2020 / 16:50

Computer Vision use case: how object detection can help you in traffic analysis?

Computer Vision can help you to easily deal with business tasks getting valuable insights in real-time. How can we use object detection for traffic analysis?

30.06.2020 / 16:08

Point of Care software solutions: a new level of providing Healthcare services

Point of Care platforms are just starting to gain the trust of the Healthcare community. What benefits can you get by implementing the Point of Care solution?

16.06.2020 / 18:04

Addressing the needs of modern students: how gamification can improve learning experience

Games and simulations provide the most engaging and interactive experience of learning by doing. How gamification can improve learning outcomes?

04.06.2020 / 17:19

Machine Learning process used by Exposit: how do we train ML models?

The number of businesses using ML solutions is rapidly increasing. How can you develop an ML model and how does the training process look like?

23.04.2020 / 17:13

Software solutions for wearables: things to consider for Sports and Healthcare

Wearable tech is now one of the most promising areas in Sports & Healthcare industries. What do you need to consider while developing software for wearables?

09.04.2020 / 17:02

E-Commerce against coronavirus crisis: what you should focus on

Safe shopping makes E-Commerce a leading sales channel during the COVID-19 pandemic. What online retailers should focus on to overcome the crisis?

12.03.2020 / 17:21

Smart data analytics for Retail: getting valuable insights for your business

Retail is one of the most data-rich industries. What unique opportunities can you get by implementing advanced analytics into your Retail software?

27.02.2020 / 16:40

Why do you need a companion software solution for wireless medical devices?

How the development of companion software for your wireless devices can improve treatment processes and what extra bonuses can you get?

20.02.2020 / 17:05

What makes Augmented Commerce a must-have solution for online Retail?

A-Commerce allows customers and merchants to experience new ways of online shopping. What benefits can AR bring to online retail?

13.02.2020 / 16:38

AI-driven mobile solutions: what makes an app intelligent

Intelligent apps are smart, contextual and proactive, they improve performance and increase efficiency. What features make a mobile app intelligent?

30.01.2020 / 15:53

High-value features to implement into your healthcare software

Improvement of personal and medical care relies on modern software development. What features can bring more value to your Healthcare platform?

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